SIG at Out-of-Door Academy: Staff & Security

SIG Staff

The SIG program is supported by a multi-tiered staffing structure on campus to ensure the program runs smoothly and the students are supervised at all times. This staff is made up of the following positions:


Experienced professionals lead SIG sessions and are responsible for all program components.


Dedicated, local, commuting professionals from many fields provide a wealth of diverse experiences throughout the program. SIG seeks to hire instructors who have expertise in the topics of the course as well as expertise in working with gifted and talented students. The typical SIG Instructor is a local professional teacher from public and independent elementary and secondary schools.

Instructors receive instructional support through their Director, course information, and professional development in gifted education provided through SIG’s Academic Director.

Program Assistants

Individuals 18 years or older who function as teaching assistants, work with students individually and in small groups, and accompany students at all times around campus. Program Assistants also assist with the supervision of lunch activities and extended care.