SIG at Princeton University: Staff & Security

SIG Staff

The SIG program is supported by a multi-tiered staffing structure on campus to ensure the program runs smoothly and the students are supervised at all times. This staff is made up of the following positions:


Experienced professionals who lead each SIG session. The Director is supported by the Office Manager and oversees all aspects of the program on campus.


Experienced administrators and teachers at schools and colleges around the country. Each SIG program has a dean to oversee the following components:

  • Academics
    To supervise the courses, faculty, and teaching assistants to ensure the high standards of SIG.
  • Residential Life
    To oversee all aspects of residential life activities, including easing students into dormitory life and commuters into the daily schedule, and supervising Housemasters, Residential Assistants and Counselors.
  • Student Activities
    To oversee activities beyond the academic day including evening programs, Saturday Get-Away trips and special events.


Experienced educators and administrators who manage and supervise a residential house of males or females.

Residential Assistants and Counselors

Typically undergraduate and graduate students who have experience working with children and teens, these individuals assist students in all session components and also participate as teaching assistants.


Dedicated, local, commuting professionals from many fields provide a wealth of diverse learning experiences throughout the program. SIG seeks to hire instructors who have expertise in the topic of the course, as well as experience in working with gifted and talented students. The typical SIG instructor is a local professional teacher from public and independent elementary and secondary schools. Instructors receive SIG instructional support through their academic deans, course and instructional information, and professional development in gifted education provided through SIG’s Academic Director, in addition to their own professional experience and training.


An on-site SIG nurse is available 24 hours a day.