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Student activities enhance the challenging academic curriculum through additional social and cultural interaction. These activities include:

Recreational Hour (All Students)

Held after the last course period, students may participate in swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, chess, and creative arts or relax and hang out with friends. Activities vary by campus.


Saturday Getaway Day (Residential & Extended Commuter Students Only)

An off-campus trip is planned for one Saturday. In the past, these trips have included art and science museums, attractions, and local sight-seeing venues.

Weekend Sunday Activity Days (Residential Students Only)

On-campus Activity Days involve the entire group in social as well as intellectual engagement.

SIG performance

Evening/Weekend Activities (Residential & Extended Commuter Students Only)

These may include movie nights, counselor group activities, student theater performances and dances, as well as:

  • The SIG Talent Show
    You know that thing that you do so well? Here’s your chance to share it with a very appreciative audience! Whether it is singing a pop culture song, playing a Beethoven sonata, delivering a comedic stand up routine or sharing an athletic feat, the Talent Show is sure to be an evening of amazing entertainment and merriment.

    SIG talent show

    SIG talent show

  • Brain Bowl
    Channeling shows such as Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, students get a chance to work in a team environment to show off all those interesting facts that they have accumulated in the last decade or so. Brain Bowl is the ultimate SIG challenge, combining speed, intellect and knowledge. Set in a game show environment, contestants answer challenging questions in art, history and government, geography, literature, and science and technology.

    SIG brain bowl

    SIG brain bowl

    SIG brain bowl

  • Casino Night
    Gentlemen, dust off those tuxedos and ladies, don those evening gowns for an evening of chance. (Just kidding, you don’t have to dress up!) Transport yourself to Monte Carlo and tap into the strategist within. In this world of games you can test your skills with regards to the intricacies of probability. Whether you are an avid participant or a casual observer, it is sure to be a night of possibilities.

    SIG casino night

  • Final Performance Program

    The final program is held on the last academic day and celebrates the SIG experience.

    SIG Final Performance

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