SIG at Emory University: Academics

Academic Program

Courses are taught at levels appropriate for gifted students who are ages 5-12 covering humanities, mathematics, sciences, and multi-disciplinary subjects.

At the core of the SIG curriculum lies the creative, fun and academically challenging courses that are unique to the program. SIG is committed to fostering the development of each student's unique abilities as well as providing opportunities to explore new interests. We encourage families to choose a course schedule that includes areas of passion and strength, but also allows for the development of new talents.

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Instructional Techniques

We design instruction to challenge the student through course content, processes, and products within a learning environment that is flexible and open-ended. Instructors direct activities and content around the central concept of the course. Our goal is for students to engage in cognitive processes that require critical, complex, and creative thinking and problem solving. Instructors begin each course by assessing the knowledge and skills that students bring to each course. Students create a personal objective for the course. An instructor creates a personal objective for the students and then modifies the course according to the studentsí needs and interests within the course content.

Course activities deliver and enhance the course content and objectives through meaningful and relevant ways. Students are encouraged to apply newly gained knowledge to real and authentic problems and situations through products that are as typical as possible of professionals in the selected fields of study. Students are further encouraged to apply self-, peer-, and instructorgenerated criteria to the assessment of their processes and products for the purpose of personal growth and awareness. Our hope is that students will continue to pursue interests, questions, and projects that they began during a SIG session well into the coming year, and beyond, on their personal academic journeys, as they delve deeply into studies that interest and intrigue them.