Toolbox for Educators

Welcome Educators! As you well know, these are challenging times for gifted education, and we must work together to continue to offer gifted and talented children the programs, resources, and positive support that they need in order to discover and develop their gifts. In an effort to better communicate and work with the gifted education community, we are pleased to present the Toolbox for Educators.

For 30 years, the Summer Institute for the Gifted has been providing innovative academic programs for gifted children to compliment in-school learning, and we are pleased to work with educators like yourself in order to develop the highest quality programs for our students. Please take advantage of the many resources that we provide to educators and schools:

Order SIG Materials for Your Students
Place your online order today for SIG catalogs, posters, and brochures, everything you need to get the word out to your students about SIG!

Access Gifted Education Resources
Check out the resources for educators, including a Gifted Education Directory, Summer Opportunities, and online links!

Become a SIG Instructor
Apply for a position with SIG in Summer 2016 at one of our many host campuses.
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Promote Educational Opportunities for Academically Talented Students
We're making it easier than ever to spread the word about gifted education programs. Access easy-to-share links to SIG that can be posted on FaceBook, blogs, and other online materials. More tools coming soon!

Educators, contact SIG today!

Contact Kristin Bernor at or (866) 303-4744 ext. 5545 to explore gifted education opportunities and to set up a free consultation with one of our gifted education experts.