SIG Day Programs: Coordinator

Job Description

The goal of SIG is to provide an exceptional three week experience by creating a community of student learners who share common interests, abilities, and goals. It is the team responsibility to promote a safe environment for students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Coordinator supervises, organizes, and is responsible for maintaining the program operations (academic, financial, recreational, and social) on an assigned campus in accordance with the set policies and procedures for SIG, as well as all state regulations for seasonal programs. He/she conveys and/or exchanges information, which includes giving or receiving assignments and/or directions among SIG’s headquarters, campus staff, parents, students, visitors, and state camp officials. He/she exercises supervision on overall financial expenditures, purchasing, and equipment assigned to the campus. The Coordinator supervises all the Instructors, Program Assistants, and the administrative staff. He/she is the liaison with facility staff and vendors. The Coordinator is a mediator in the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions with others to jointly arrive at decisions, conclusions, solutions, or resolutions. The Coordinator represents SIG at both marketing and program (pre, program,and post periods) events.

The Coordinator reports to the Director of the Residential campus hosting the day program.


  • A Master's degree or higher is preferred
  • A minimum of three years of administrative or supervisory experience in an educational institution, seasonal recreational or academic program
  • A degree or specialization in public administration, business or education
  • A minimum of three years teaching academically gifted students
  • Knowledge of financial record-keeping of cash receipts and cash disbursements
  • Awareness of State Regulations for recreational or academic programs
  • Business acumen needed to operate and to direct the social, emotional, and financial needs of a gifted and talented academic program
  • A professional and collegial approach to educational programs
  • Certified in first aid/CPR (preferred)


  1. Provides leadership and integrity in all decisions.
  2. Operates the SIG program in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the Summer Institute for the Gifted.
  3. Adheres to the policies and procedures in the Day Program Director and Coordinator Manual.
  4. Attends all meetings for Day Program Administrators.
  5. Directs and commands all emergencies during the SIG program. Communicates general and significant issues to the Director of the residential program.
  6. Supervises operations of the infirmary and medical needs of students and staff in the day program.
  7. Compiles and reports on the operations and business plan for the pre and post program detailed in the Day Program Director and Coordinator Manual.
  8. Maintains confidentiality related to operations and abides by HIPAA regulations.
  9. Supervises the cash expenditures, receipts, materials, equipment, supplies and other business related items.
  10. Interacts with students and staff informally on a regular basis to develop an understanding of students' individual academic levels, and social and emotional needs.

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The Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.