Director – Day Program

Job Description

The goal of SIG is to provide an exceptional three-week experience by creating a community of student learners who share common interests, abilities, and goals. It is the team responsibility to promote a safe environment for students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Director is required to be at the assigned campus site from the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. while the program is in session (or when the last student leaves for the day). There will be additional hours of work outside of these off-site pre, during, and post program.


  • A Masters degree or higher
  • Experience in or a degree in public administration, business, and/or education
  • A minimum of three years of administrative or supervisory experience in an educational institution; seasonal recreational or academic program
  • A minimum of three years teaching experience with academically gifted students
  • A knowledge of financial record keeping
  • Business acumen needed to operate and to direct the social, emotional, and financial needs of a gifted and talented academic program
  • A professional communication style and creative problem solving skills
  • Certified in first aid/CPR. If not certified at time of hire, must be willing to become certified prior to start of assigned program
  • Comfortable using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

General Responsibilities

  1. Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the SIG Employee Handbook, SIG Day Administrator's Manual, the SIG Finance Manual, and the SIG Code of Professional Conduct.
  2. Implements an academic program that uses teaching methodology consistent with creative problem-solving and research methods that makes meaningful connections between student interests and the course concepts. This methodology facilitates the academic growth and welfare of gifted students.
  3. Operates the SIG program in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the Summer Institute for the Gifted.
  4. Supervises and directs all staff in a professional and appropriate manner.
  5. Interacts with students and staff informally on a regular basis to develop an understanding of students' individual academic levels, and social and emotional needs.
  6. Communicates general and significant issues to their Program Director.

Pre-Program Responsibilities

  1. Attends one marketing event mutually agreed upon by the Program Director and Marketing Manager. The first event attended is required and part of the Director's job responsibilities. Any events attended after the first will be compensated at rate of $150 per event.
  2. Actively markets program to the local area.
  3. Attends all pre-campus trainings and meetings for the Director, including a 2 day training held in Stamford, CT In the spring
  4. Completes all pre-program training, including watching assigned webinars, reading through manuals/handbooks, and participating in phone calls and email correspondence from SIG Central.
  5. Facilitates successful staff involvement in the academic program by mentoring and suggesting materials and direction on program concepts to instructors.
  6. Collects frameworks (lesson/unit plans) for each course from the instructor no less than two weeks prior to the start of the instructional program. Review plans for appropriate teaching strategies for gifted students. (If no Academic Dean at site).
  7. Collects budget request forms from Instructors and provide approval or suggestions. (If no Academic Dean at site).
  8. Assists Program Director with identifying and recruiting appropriate staff, as needed.
  9. Directs the set-up of the SIG office on campus with the Office Manager, Academic Dean, and Nurse (if applicable). Reviews program supply inventory, in relation to budget and staff requests.
  10. Plans and leads the staff orientation program (scheduled one two Saturdays before the program opening, depending on campus location).
  11. Plans and leads the parent orientation, parent meet and greet, and student registration (scheduled before the program opening, depending on campus location).
  12. Communicates with the Program Director and Facility Liaison regarding appropriate rooms and areas for class locations and other shared spaces. Conducts pre-program inspection all of spaces.

Program-Related Responsibilities

  1. Manages overall program finances, including instructional and academic budgets.
  2. Records and keeps a daily balance in the check book for check disbursements.
  3. Collects and tracks cash receipts, authorizing all credit card expenses.
  4. Distributes payroll checks and reimbursements to SIG employees.
  5. Ensures all employment paperwork has been submitted to SIG Central and verified for accuracy.
  6. Serves as the point person on-campus for any state or camp related inspections or questions.
  7. Attends to the medical needs of students in the program. Contacts parents if student is sick or needs to see a doctor.
  8. Monitors, mentors, mediates, counsels, and disciplines any behavioral issues of students and performance issues of staff.
  9. Supervises Extended Care Programs. Schedules Program Assistants to work available shifts.
  10. Organizes daily Drop Off and Pick Up with students, parents, and staff, including daily attendance tracking.
  11. Communicates with SIG family members and parents and is available throughout the program.
  12. Acts as a substitute teacher in the event of instructor absence.
  13. Monitors instruction and manages the observation of all instructors in each of their classes to ensure appropriate academic methodology and student involvement. Assists teachers with differentiation or teaching strategies, as needed. Works with Academic Dean, if at site.
  14. Holds weekly staff meetings with Instructors.
  15. Ensures Program Assistants are being utilized in daily instruction.
  16. Ensures all students have completed objectives for each class. Reviews with Instructors and enters them into SPR website.
  17. Reviews the final Student Performance Reviews submitted by faculty to be certain they are appropriate in tone, detail, and personalization; are mechanically and grammatically correct; and follows through with Instructors who must correct their student evaluations or who are late in submitting them.
  18. Plans program's Closing Ceremony and Academic Showcase at the end of the session.
  19. Ensures all student and program evaluations are submitted by the close of the program.
  20. Demonstrates overall program leadership, creative problem solving, and crisis management.

Post-Program Responsibilities

  1. Assists in the resolution of Student Performance Review issues with parents and instructors after their specific site session ends.
  2. Submits evaluations for of all staff members and submits a Director Summary report no later than one weekly following the close of the program.
  3. Conducts and documents a post-program inspection of all rooms SIG used during the program.
  4. Returns checks, credit cards, and related records to the SIG Vice President at the end of session.
  5. Reconciles all program finances and academic budget related items and return to SIG Central no later than two days following the close of session.
  6. Coordinates inventory count and pod storage of all program items. Sends a copy of the inventory to SIG Central to maintain a copy.
  7. Attends the September post-site evaluation conference call(s).

Physical Characteristics of a Director

  • The Director will exert up to 20 lbs of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 lbs of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Physical demands are in excess of sitting and require walking or standing to a significant degree. The Director is required to move throughout the campus or building on a routine basis.
  • Works long hours, frequently required to work extended hours (weekdays and weekends) to schedule, assist and direct operations, especially during emergency operations and unexpected situations related to student and staff issues.
  • Hearing used for those activities which requires ability to receive and give detailed information through oral communication.
  • Talking is important for those activities, in which employees must impart oral information to students, parents, faculty, and SIG staff. In these activities, will convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other employees accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • Visual requirements include far acuity in visual efficiency required in day and night/dark conditions. A field of vision is needed to see large areas while keeping the eyes fixed.
  • Ability to work with and without air conditioning during the hot, humid weather conditions of the summer.
  • Equipment used includes cellular telephone, walkie-talkies, computers, electronic classroom aides, and various office equipment (photo-copier, fax machine, scanner).
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Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.