SIG Residential Programs: Residential Dean

Job Description

The goal of SIG is to provide an exceptional three-week experience by creating a community of student learners who share common interests, abilities, and goals. It is a team responsibility to promote a safe environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Residential Dean manages and coordinates the operations of the residential component. He/she provides for a clean, safe, and structured environment encompassing the social, and emotional needs of students and staff.

The Residential Dean resides on campus and reports to the Director.


  • A masters degree or higher
  • Minimally three years of administrative or supervisory experience in an academic institute or program setting
  • Specialized degree and/or study in general education and/or minimum of three years teaching experience with academically gifted children
  • Manages, prioritizes and multitasks by priority
  • Proactively manages and directs dormitory operations 
  • Directs and supervises residential students, administrative staff, residential assistants, and counselors
  • Communicates with respect and understanding in a diverse, multicultural population of children and adults
  • Is able to use conflict resolution skills and techniques to solve problems
  • Takes appropriate safety actions in emergency situations; protects the welfare of everyone involved 
  • Works to provide the physical, emotional, and academic needs of gifted children
  • Certified in first aid/CPR (preferred)


  1. Responsible for the overall integrity and success of the residential housing for students and staff including their safety and welfare.
  2. Supervises and directs residential student and commuter students (where applicable), counselors, residential assistants, and housemasters according to the policies, procedures and guidelines in the Residential Dean’s Manual.
  3. Interacts daily with students in an informal setting to establish a relationship that promotes trust, respect, and emotional support for students living away from home and experiencing new social challenges and experiences in a dormitory setting.
  4. Communicates and coordinates room assignments, medical needs, academic and recreational schedules and lists with parents, students, and staff.
  5. Is responsible for oversight of commuter programs (where applicable) including training of counselors and parent orientation for commuter programs.
  6. Attends all required meetings for the Residential Dean.
  7. Responsible for the residential program responsibilities of the pre-program and post program outlined in the Residential Dean’s manual.
  8. Monitors the behavior of the residential students, commuter students and staff to ensure safety and welfare of all.
  9. Provides leadership through sharing and demonstrating his/her technical skills to operate and supervise dormitory life.
  10. Manages the residential facility.
  11. Provides a clean, structured living experience in the dorm for students and staff to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.
  12. Assists Program Director with identifying and recruiting appropriate staff as needed.
  13. Acts as substitute teacher in the event of an instructor absence.

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