Director – Residential Program

Job Description

The goal of SIG is to provide an exceptional three week experience by creating a community of student learners who share common interests, abilities, and goals. It is the team responsibility to promote a safe environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Director reports to the assigned Program Director. The Director resides on campus.


  • A Masterís degree or higher
  • A minimum of three years administrative or supervisory experience in an educational institution; seasonal recreational or academic residential program
  • A degree or specialization in public administration, business or education
  • A minimum of three years teaching or counseling academically gifted students (preferred)
  • Knowledge of financial record-keeping
  • Business acumen needed to operate and to direct the social, emotional, and cultural needs of a gifted and talented academic program.
  • Certified in first aid/CPR (required) or RTE (New York campuses only) If not certified at time of hire, must be willing to get certified prior to start of program.

General Responsibilities

  1. Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the SIG employee handbook and the SIG code of professional conduct.
  2. Supervises and assists in the operations of the academic, cultural, social, residential, business and student activities aspects of the program.
  3. Operates the SIG program in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the Summer Institute for the Gifted.
  4. Adheres to the policies and procedures in the Directorís Manual.
  5. Attends all pre-campus trainings and meetings for the Director including a two-day training, May Site Administratorís Meeting (MSAM), held in Stamford, CT in May

Pre-Program Responsibilities (Reports to Academic Director)

  1. Attend a minimum of one marketing event mutually agreed upon by Program Director and Director of Residential Program.
  2. Manages the staff orientation program prior to the opening of program.
  3. Directs set-up of administrative office.
  4. Leads and participates in the orientation for SIG staff and students.
  5. Provides list of emergency numbers, names, and addresses for hospital, emergency walk-in service, pharmacy and doctor to the infirmary staff.
  6. Schedules training by the nurse, during staff orientation, on first aid, student medical needs and emergency procedures.
  7. Prepares and distributes the telephone wallet card with emergency information to be distributed to all staff and faculty.
  8. Assists Program Director with identifying and recruiting appropriate staff as needed.

Program-Related Responsibilities: (Reports to Director)

  1. Supervises and coordinates schedules of administrative staff and the administrative office procedures for set-up and daily administrative functions.
  2. Provides transport for medical emergencies to hospitals, doctors, and walk-in centers.
  3. Distributes payroll checks on payday to SIG employees.
  4. Responsible for overseeing the SIG campus budget, authorizing all on campus expenditures, signing checks and ensuring the site budget is not exceeded.
  5. Keeps all financial records and personal information on employees secured in a locked cabinet giving limited access to information by State officials and/or only those individuals authorized by the VP of SIG or AVP- Staffing & Compliance.
  6. Manages and supervises the registration of students.
  7. Monitors, mentors, mediate, counsels, and disciplines the behavioral issues of students and staff.
  8. Organizes a closing ceremony in accordance with SIG guidelines.
  9. Supervises operations of the infirmary schedule and medical needs of all SIG staff.
  10. Supervises the Office Manager, Administrative Assistant (if applicable), and Deans.
  11. Oversees infirmary operations and the Nurse.
  12. Schedules and supervises the daily functions in the administration office.
  13. Supervises supports and assists each Dean toward the successful completion of the SIG program.
  14. Supervises the cash, receipts, materials, equipment, supplies and other business related items.
  15. Interacts with students and staff informally on a regular basis to develop an understanding and awareness of their individual academic levels, social and emotional needs.
  16. Communicates with SIG, AVP Ė Staffing & Compliance regarding any escalated employee-related issues.

Post-Program Responsibilities

  1. Returns checks, credit cards, and related records to the VP of SIG in Stamford at end of session.
  2. Collects the evaluative materials to assess program operations.

Physical Characteristics of a Director

  • The Director exerts up to 20 lbs of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 lbs of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Physical demands are in excess of sitting, and requires walking or standing to a significant degree. The Director is required to move throughout the programs on a routine basis.
  • Works long hours, may be required to work 24/7 shifts to schedule, assist, and direct operations, especially during emergency operations and unexpected situations related to students and staff issues.
  • Requires ability to speak to be able to impart oral information to students, parents, and both facility and SIG staff. In these activities the Director conveys detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • Requires ability to work with and without air conditioning during the hot, humid weather conditions of the summer.
  • Ability to use equipment which may include cell phones, walkie-talkies, and computers.
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Summer Institute for the Gifted and University Prep are equal opportunity employers.