Director – University Prep

Job Description

The goal of University Prep is to provide an exceptional three week SAT and college admissions preparation program in a pre-collegiate atmosphere. It is a team responsibility to promote a safe environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Director reports to the assigned Program Director.


  • A Master’s degree or higher
  • A minimum of three years administrative or supervisory experience in an educational institution; seasonal recreational or academic residential program
  • A degree or specialization in public administration, business or education
  • A minimum of three years teaching high school students
  • Knowledge of financial record keeping Knowledge of state regulations for seasonal recreational or academic programs
  • Business acumen needed to operate and to direct the social, emotional, and cultural needs of a high school academic program.

General Responsibilities

  1. Adheres to the UPrep policies and procedures in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the UPrep program.
  2. Adheres to the policies and procedures in the Director’s Manual.
  3. Supervises and assists in the operations of the academic, cultural, social, residential, business and student activities aspects of the program.
  4. Operates the UPrep program in accordance with the mission and philosophy of NSGT.
  5. Attends all trainings and meetings for Directors.
  6. Coordinates and gives full cooperation to the host facility staff for the successful operation of the University Prep program

Pre-program Responsibilities (Reports to Program Director)

  1. Attends a minimum of one marketing event mutually agreed upon by Program Director and Director of Uprep Program.
  2. Manages and prioritizes the staff orientation program prior to the opening of program
  3. Directs set-up of administrative office
  4. Directs the orientation for UPrep staff and students
  5. Responsible for assigning dorm rooms for all students and staff and maintain a current list
  6. Collaborates with Residential Assistant a pre-inspection of the dormitories and maintain records of all damages to equipment during/prior to program
  7. Schedules training by the nurse during staff orientation, on first aid, student medical needs and emergency procedures
  8. Prepares and distributes the telephone wallet card with emergency information to be distributed to all residential staff and faculty

Program-Related Responsibilities (Reports to Program Director)

  1. Supervises and coordinates schedules of administrative staff and the administrative office procedures for set-up and daily administrative functions
  2. Provides transport for medical emergencies to hospitals, doctors, and walk-in centers
  3. Distributes payroll checks on payday to UPrep employees
  4. Disburses reimbursement on at least a weekly basis
  5. Keeps all financial records and personal information on employees secured in a locked cabinet giving limited access to information by State officials and/or only those individuals authorization by the Vice President of SIG and AVP – Staffing & Compliance
  6. Manages and supervises the registration of students
  7. Collaborates with and supervise the Residential Assistant, conducts the post-program inspection of the dormitories and report damages to the Stamford office for billing purposes
  8. Interacts with the residential staff regarding issues and problems related to residential life
  9. Coordinates student transportation to religious services
  10. Maintains a daily list of registered students and provides written documentation concerning reasons for student withdrawals. Forwards documentation to the Stamford office with the student folders on the final day of the program
  11. Communicates daily campus needs (dining, beds, etc) to the campus liaison
  12. Maintains daily log of relevant residential issues that occur on campus. The list is forwarded to the Stamford office on the final day of the program
  13. Leads both semi-weekly and special meetings of the Residential Assistant during each session
  14. Organizes and facilitates socials for counselors
  15. Schedules Residential Assistants for dormitory coverage (11:00 pm to 1:00 am)
  16. Maintains a budget for the residential expenses and submits a summary of expenditures at the end of each session to the VP of SIG in Stamford
  17. Completes a preliminary evaluation report on the performance of all residential staff by the last day of the session and facilitates the evaluation of the program and staff by all staff members
  18. Monitor book sales, instructors’ reimbursements, scholarship book vouchers and final costs related to the book store.
  19. Collect scholarship book vouchers from bookstore and return to VP of SIG at end of 1st week of program
  20. Monitor instruction and observe all instructors in each of their classes to ensure appropriate academic methodology and student involvement. Assist teachers with differentiation or teaching strategies as needed
  21. Communicates with the AVP – Staffing & Compliance regarding any employee-related issues.
  22. Directs and manages all emergencies during the UPrep program.
  23. Assists the Student Life Dean in coordinating program transportation of the students.
  24. Supervises the Office Manager, Dean and Nurse.
  25. Schedules and supervises the daily functions in the administration office.
  26. Supports and assists the Student Life Dean toward the successful completion of the UPrep program.
  27. Supervises the cash, receipts, materials, equipment, supplies and other business related items.
  28. Serves as the academic liaison between the faculty on all issues relating to instruction, schedules, staffing and concepts of the academic program

Post-Program Responsibilities (Reports to VP – SIG and Program Director)

  1. Returns checks, credit cards, and related records to the Vice President of SIG in Stamford at end of session
  2. Summarizes the evaluations of residential personnel and submits a written report (Administrators Summary Report) to the University Prep office in Stamford within one week from the close of the campus program
  3. Prepares a written narrative summary report of the residential program and verbally presents it at the September evaluation summary meeting
  4. Collects the evaluative materials to assess program operations, including student and staff evaluations, Student Life Dean logs, and inventories

Physical Characteristics of a Director

The Director exerts up to 20 lbs of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 lbs of force frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Physical demands are in excess of sitting, and require walking or standing to a significant degree. The Director is required to move throughout the programs on a routine basis.

Works long hours, may be required to work 24/7 shifts to schedule, assist, and direct operations, especially during emergency operations and unexpected situations related to students and staff issues.

Hearing used for those activities which require ability to receive and give detailed information through oral communication.

Talking is important for those activities in which workers must impart oral information to students, parents, and both facility and University Prep staff. In these activities the Director conveys detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly.

Visual requirements include far acuity in the visual efficiency required in day and night/dark conditions. A field of vision is needed to see a large area while keeping the eyes fixed.

Ability to work with and without air conditioning during the hot, humid weather conditions of the summer.

Equipment used includes cellular telephone, walkie-talkies, and computers.

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Summer Institute for the Gifted and University Prep are equal opportunity employers.