Student Life Dean – University Prep

Job Description

The goal of University Prep is to provide an exceptional three week SAT and college admissions preparation program in a pre-collegiate atmosphere. It is a team responsibility to promote a safe environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Student Life Dean reports to the Program Director of University Prep and the Director of the Residential Program. He/she resides on campus.


  • A Masterís degree or higher, preferably in secondary education or supervision.
  • A minimum of three years administrative or supervisory experience in an academic institute or camp setting.
  • A minimum of three years teaching or guidance experience working with high school students.
  • Two years experience in recreational activity planning
  • Certified in first aid/CPR (preferred)
  • Exemplary leadership skills

General Responsibilities

  1. Leads student seminar on college issues, including assigning homework and providing feedback to students on assignments.
  2. Directs and supervises all staff during special events
  3. Communicates and coordinates room assignments, medical needs, and recreational schedules and lists with parents, students, and staff
  4. Serves as a professional mentor to other faculty members and staff, demonstrating task commitment, dependability and responsibility to the academic program
  5. Provides a positive model of leadership through sharing and demonstrating academic knowledge, promoting teamwork
  6. Interacts daily with instructors, parents and students regarding specific questions or concerns about the academic teaching concepts and instructional programs
  7. Completes all opening and closing responsibilities for the University Prep session, as outlined in the Academic section, but not limited to, reviewing instructor plans and budgets prior to the start of University Prep, assigning instructors to classrooms and TAs to classes, and completing the Student Performance Review process after the University Prep session has ended
  8. Acts as substitute teacher in the event of an instructor absence
  9. Completes other duties as assigned by the Program Director or Director.
  10. Honors the policies of University Prep with regard to staff curfew (1:00 a.m.), legal smoking (in designated areas only), inappropriate sexual conduct and no use of profanity. There is no alcohol consumption while on campus, whether on or off duty. The Student Life Dean is to serve as a positive role model for the staff and students who participate in the program
  11. Prepare, analyze, summarize and provide written report for the evaluation information concerning student activities to SIG Central be the close of the program
  12. Submit a final evaluation for Student Activities to SIG Central by the close of the program
  13. Develop evaluation summary reports of instructors and counselors including constructive suggestions/comments in the evaluation summary

Pre-Program Responsibilities (Reports to Program Director)

  1. Attends all pre-campus trainings and meetings for the Student Life Dean
  2. Assists Program Director with identifying and recruiting appropriate staff as needed
  3. Purchase replacement materials to include a variety of games, physical education equipment

Academic Program-Related Responsibilities

  1. Assist with program needs and/or emergencies
  2. Ensure the successful operation of University Prep by coordinating and cooperating with the host facility staff and team members according to preferred channel of communication by campus.
  3. Interact daily with staff regarding academic camp issues and problems related to the academic program to ensure that staff involvement with the academic program is successful and effective
  4. Transport and provide academic support materials, making them available on the campus to instructors and students as requested
  5. Monitor and report to the team all behavior issues of students and staff in the academic setting as it relates to absenteeism, tardiness and discipline

Activities Program-Related Responsibilities

  1. Organize lunch and dinner announcements, including other staff announcements
  2. Purchase materials needed for special events.
  3. Supervise and assist in college visits and a all weekend trips at the Directorís request
  4. Finalize the scheduling of students for the Sunday trip
  5. Supervise RA in Sending a reminder to all staff for evening activities
  6. With the RA assign counselors to evening program activities
  7. Summarize the evaluation form and complete final report to Director and Program Director
  8. Implement the student activities program with RA
  9. Coordinate and implements the final program
  10. Develop, administer and summarize an evaluation of all student activity events
  11. Attend a meeting for the evaluation of staff at the conclusion of the session

Afternoon and Evening Programs

  1. Schedule the supervision of the afternoon recreational hour in conjunction with the Director
  2. Supervise the daytime and evening study/tutorial sessions
  3. Train counselors to lead activities requiring group interaction and creative thinking skills i.e. vocabulary bowl, counselor group activities, creative thinking activity
  4. Facilitate student talent show
  5. Coordinate and supervise the final program, including slide show and certificates

Seminar on College Life

  1. Implement syllabus with emphasis on allowing students to explore daily topics in a productive and mature manner
  2. Guide students through difficult topics with an eye toward respectful dialog
  3. Provide feedback and instruction on student assignments
  4. Submits and evaluation of each student, based on assignments, class reading and maturity of discussion

Post-Program Responsibilities (Reports to Director)

Attends the September post-site evaluation conferences (one site conference, one SLD conference) and presents a verbal summary report of the student life program.

Physical Characteristics of a Student Life Dean

He exerts up to 40lbs of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects

The Student Life Dean has to move around the campus to observe each class of the program and/or instruct class in absence of instructor. She sits with students but more commonly interacts by moving around and standing for brief periods of time to observe or direct instruction

Talking is important for those activities in which workers must impart oral information to students, parents, both facility and University Prep staff. In these activities he conveys detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly

She requires a field of vision to observe an instructor during teaching and making observations on academic interaction of students in the learning environment

He uses a variety of office equipment such as computers, photo copy machine, fax machine, audio/visual equipment, projectors, cellular telephones, scanners and walkie-talkies

Hearing is important for those activities which require ability to receive and give detailed information through oral communication

She must demonstrate the ability to live and work with and without air conditioning during the hot, humid weather conditions of the summer

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Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.