SIG at Yale University: Staff & Security

SIG Staff

The SIG program is supported by a multi-tiered staffing structure on campus and is composed of the following positions:


Experienced professionals oversee all aspects of the program on campus.


Experienced administrators and educators who supervise:

  • Academics
    To supervise the courses, faculty, and teaching assistants to ensure the high standards of SIG.
  • Residential Life
    To oversee all aspects of residential life activities, including easing students into dormitory life and commuters into the daily schedule, and supervising Housemasters, Residential Assistants and Counselors.
  • Student Activities
    To oversee activities beyond the academic day including evening programs, Saturday Get-Away trips and special events.


Experienced educators and administrators manage and supervise a residential house of males or females.

Residential Assistants and Counselors

Undergraduate and graduate students also function as teaching assistants.


SIG Instructors commute daily and typically are local professional teachers from public and independent elementary and secondary schools.


An on-site SIG nurse is available 24 hours a day.

Office Staff

The Director is supported by an Office Manager, and the Academic Dean may also be supported by an Academic Dean Assistant.

All staff are residential except for Instructors.