Summer Institute for the Gifted

Summer Institute for the Gifted - Gifted students working
Summer Institute for the Gifted  - Gifted child working on project
Summer Institute for the Gifted - Gifted children working together
Summer Institute for the gifted students

Our Mission

The mission of the Summer Institute for the Gifted is to provide the highest quality educational and social opportunities for academically gifted and talented students through programs designed to meet their abilities and needs.

Summer Academic Enrichment Programs for Gifted and Academically Talented Students

SIG Programs Offered Nationwide

A leader in gifted education since 1984, the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) provides academic summer programs for academically talented children ages 5-17.

Through more than 30 years of experience, SIG has crafted a 3-week program that combines challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities that enrich children’s natural talents and abilities, as well as nurture their social development.

Problem-Based Learning with a STEAM+ Curriculum

The SIG STEAM+ curriculum focuses on applying creative thinking across multiple disciplines to solve real-world problems. Through an innovative curriculum that spans all facets of STEAM, plus humanities and fitness, SIG challenges students to utilize knowledge of different disciplines to discover creative solutions. At SIG, we encourage students to explore their interests while introducing them to new and intriguing topics. Students gain strong research and creative problem-solving skills vital to college and professional careers.

What is SIG-nificance?

SIG•nif•i•cance {sig-nif-i-kuhns} (n.) –
A feeling of knowing who you are and where your life is headed, similar to the feeling one gets when being part of Summer Institute for the Gifted.