SIG Online Learning Program: Academics


  • The SIG online program uses the Moodle learning platform and follows an independent study format that is facilitated by the instructor via discussion forums and online activities. The purpose of the course is for students to engage in unique learning experiences and research in a specific area of interest to create an authentic product that applies their new knowledge in a useful way.
  • Successful completion of a course requires about 4-6 hours of work time a week and varies from student to student based on their ability, proficiency with the online platform, and their interest in topics. Students need access to the online course at least 3 different times during the week to accomplish all tasks in a timely fashion. Scheduled real time virtual class sessions are not set by the instructor during the session, as there are students who attend the program from different U.S. time zones and multiple international countries. However, instructors have the flexibility to schedule optional real time meetings for students through virtual methods by parent or student request.
  • Students need access to Internet, basic word processing, and presentation software (such as Word and PowerPoint) on a regular basis. Students should have a level of comfort with creating new documents, videos, and presentations, navigating the web to conduct research, and saving/uploading documents; parent support may be required for students not comfortable with these tasks.

Summer 2019 Online Courses - "Creative Applications"

P level (ages 7-8)

Penned to Published
Do you love to read and write? To tell stories? To share with others what you think or what you are doing in letters, journals, newsletters, or emails? In this class, you will get to experiment with different types of written expression to discover where your writing interests lie. In addition to factual writing, you might create imaginary worlds with fantastic settings and characters. You might write an amazing play, or script involving your favorite characters! You might also want to learn more about haikus and other forms of poetic expression. The limitless possibilities of expressing yourself through writing are at your fingertips in this class!

Zoos by You
How are zoos being designed in today’s world? Our emerging awareness of protecting animals and providing environments in which they will thrive provides a challenge for future zoologists. This course will employ information about zoology, endangered species, the environment, laws, math, and design, as students tackle the problem of creating a new zoo that addresses specific scenarios (e.g. certain kinds of animals, petting zoos, zoos in open areas, zoos in urban areas, teaching zoos, entertaining zoos, and more).

Practically Math, Practically Everywhere!
If you have ever sat in a math class and thought, “I hope I get to use this math outside of school!”--this course is for you! Much of math is computation and procedure-based, but in the real world there are endless applications. Discover how math can be applied in our jobs and lives. In this course, you will explore probabilities found in gaming, money operations found in finance, shapes and angles found in architecture, and more! You’ll become friends with graphs, numerical comparisons, and equations as you problem-solve real-life applications. You will be engaged in much more than just calculations, so be sure to use your calculator to save time for other exciting aspects of math.

E level (ages 9-10)

Unlocking the Genetic Code
Understanding the encryption on your genetic code will open your eyes to a whole new dimension of science: genetics. It was the unique genetic makeup of the infamous “swine flu,” or H1N1, that enabled the virus with the ability to traverse animal species and thrive. Gain an understanding of DNA and the processes by which it codes living organisms. Study the structure of the double helix and investigate ways that scientists re-engineer it. Consider the potential applications of this new field of research to your life and generation.

So, Do You Want to Be a Sci-Fi Writer?
Are you a superfan of space adventures? Do you day dream about time travel? Then you are a promising science-fiction writer! From robots to dystopian rebels, come learn how to create futuristic tales that are intriguing and pulse pounding. Learn how to bridge the world of technological advancements and principles of science into adventures that span different worlds, universes, or dimensions. Will your writing inspire the next hit box office film series such as The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? Explore your imagination through the lens of technology, space exploration, time travel, extraterrestrial life, and unexplained phenomena to entertain your readers through the wonder of invented worlds.

J level (ages 11-12)

Digital Journalism
In a time when anyone and everyone has the right to write and the ability to publish through blogs, websites, and Internet-exclusive programming, what does it mean to be a journalist? Come explore the fundamentals and responsibilities of reporting and shaping stories in text and multimedia. Learn to recognize excellence in media and bias in journalism, as well as discover the best ways to publish your own work. Create a name for yourself in the world of digital journalism. You, too, can make the headlines!

Integrative Medicine: Wholly Healing!
Whether you are interested in medical science or simply want to be as healthy as possible, you will want to learn more about integrative medicine. Integrative medicine considers the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of one’s lifestyle. This healing-oriented approach makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. You’ll focus on a personal interest, such as nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, spirituality, or legal and ethical issues, and practice using your new knowledge to recommend treatment for authentic medical cases.


What is SIG-nificance?

SIG•nif•i•cance {sig-nif-i-kuhns} (n.) –
A feeling of knowing who you are and where your life is headed, similar to the feeling one gets when being part of Summer Institute for the Gifted.

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