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Residential/Commuter Program Fees

Fees by Campus Non-Refundable
Application Fee
Residential Extended Commuter Commuter*
Bryn Mawr, Emory, and Northeastern $99 $4,195 $3,395 $2,695
University of Chicago $99 $4,395 $3,595 $2,895
UC Berkeley and UCLA $99 $5,095 $4,295 $3,595
University of Miami (2 weeks) $99 $2,795 $1,995 $1,295
Princeton  $99 $5,595 $4,795 N/A
Yale $99 $5,595 $4,795 $4,095

Payment Schedule

* Not available at Princeton, only Extended Commuter Program (limited number) offered.

** A $50 late payment fee will be incurred if payment isn’t made in full 45 days in advance of the program start date. SIG accepts checks, e-checks, money orders, wire transfers, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Please be advised that returned checks and declined credit cards will incur a $25 charge per occurrence.

*** A $50 late application fee will be incurred for applications received after the deadline (May 1 for international students and May 15 for U.S. students)

Program Fees do not include International Student Fee: $250 for residential students; $150 for commuter students.

Program Fee Includes

Extended Commuter
Academic Program
All Room and Board Charges*
Recreational Hour Program
Evening Activities
Saturday Getaway Trip and Saturday Activity Day
Sunday Activity Day

World Class Coverage Insurance is available for purchase for all programs for an additional cost of $75 for U.S. students. International Students are automatically enrolled in coverage through the International Student Fee.

* Some campuses offer some single dorm rooms. Single rooms are available on a first come, first served basis for a fee of $250. Single room requests cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to accommodate your single room request, your $250 payment will be refunded.

Program Fees Do Not Include:

  • Non-refundable application fee ($99 fee)
  • Academic materials fee ($25 per student)
  • Course materials fees (varies; noted in course descriptions)
  • Optional NSGT membership ($35 fee)
  • International student residential fee ($250 fee)
  • International student commuter fee ($150)
  • Transportation to and from SIG campus (varies)
  • Individual laundry expense (varies)
  • Personal spending money (varies)
  • Books* for selected courses ($10-$30 each course requiring a book)
  • Optional World Class Coverage Insurance Plan ($75 fee, U.S. students only)
  • Campus Switch Fee for U.S. students only who switch campuses after being accepted ($25 fee)

* Books will be available for purchase on the day of registration for courses requiring them.

Program Fee Reductions

Earn a savings on your 2017 SIG program fee* if you meet any of the following criteria:

Criteria for Reduction Amount of Reduction
Pay in full on the First Payment date -$25
Returning SIG Residential Student** - $250
Returning SIG Commuter Student** - $125
Each Enrolled Sibling - $100
Attend a second SIG session -$250

* Reductions cannot be applied towards the application fee. All reductions will be applied to your final balance.
** Returning student reductions only available until May 1, 2017.

Learn about the SIG Refund Policy.

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