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Legally Speaking – Interested in a career in law, or just want to possess a lawyer’s argumentation skills? Come explore some of the elements that make law such an exciting and rewarding profession and learn to win debates. Through public speaking exercises and awareness of legal issues, you will develop persuasive argumentation skills crucial to success in future professions, both legal and otherwise. You will practice skills while enacting trials and assuming the role of judge, jury, prosecutor, defender, or witness. Living the courtroom drama will hone your organizational skills, develop speaking and questioning abilities, and deepen your understanding of concepts underlying our justice system. Best of all, you can begin to assess your personal aptitude for a potential law career.

Nuclear Physics – Nuclear physics is a branch of physics that is concerned with explaining the behavior of the nucleus of the atom. This exciting science has helped to save lives through innovative medical technologies, and has provided approximately 16% of the world’s electricity in the form of nuclear power. In addition to highlighting the early experimental work of Lord Rutherford to more recent nuclear history, this class will examine such topics as models of the nucleus, anti-matter, radioactivity, alpha, beta and gamma decay, fission and fusion, and applications of nuclear physics along with the debates that accompany nuclear issues. Delve individually into an aspect of nuclear physics or nuclear engineering that fascinates you.

Space Inventions – Applications for Earth: Have you ever wondered what inventions and ideas NASA’s space program is working on and how they might apply to you? Wonder no longer! NASA has released more than 1,000 of its previously patented technologies into the public domain for anybody to use. Although many of the ideas in the database were initially developed for use in space programs, many have wider applications, including a high-voltage water purification system, a method to manufacture carbon nanotubes, and even a Jetsons-esque hypersonic flying vehicle from the 1930s. Come see how the research into space has benefitted other areas of life as well and see what you can be inspired to create through learning more about NASA’s patents.

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