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3 Benefits of Hands-On Learning in Our Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer programs across the country vary greatly in curriculum, schedules, and difficulty levels. These variables are often altered by teaching methods, some methods being more involved than others. At Summer Institute for the Gifted, we understand that students are looking for a challenge. With an engaging, rigorous curriculum paired with fun and exciting activities, every student at SIG is able to find success. We offer summer programs at prestigious universities across the US, including UCLA, UC Berkeley, Yale, and more.

Our teaching methods are well-adapted, placing a high priority on hands-on learning. We provide students with as many opportunities to experience the material in meaningful ways to build a well-rounded understanding of each concept. Our course instructors are committed to the progress and success of every student based on their academic readiness. Keep reading to discover the benefits that hands-on learning provides for our community of like-minded students.

Hands-On Learning Fosters Creativity in Our STEAM Summer Programs

Allowing students to get involved with hands-on experiences with the course material actually fosters additional creativity and exploration in our STEAM summer programs. We see creativity as a muscle that needs to be exercised and SIG courses offer these opportunities through real-world applications and problem-based learning experiences. Creativity fosters new ways of thinking about problems, processes, and solutions, allowing students to think more critically in all areas of study, including science, math, and technology.

The STEAM+ summer programs at SIG do just that!  While diving into a rigorous curriculum, students actually get to participate in their learning hands-on. With course instructors who understand the importance of learning by doing, students don’t have to rely on memory and attention as they sit through a lecture in the classroom. Instead, they actively participate in the lessons, which allows them to think more critically about the subject and make their own creative connections.

Students participate in hands-on projects that foster their creativity.

Students Form Concrete Connections While Learning New Material

Being able to get involved with the process of learning allows students to build strong neural connections to their coursework. Hands-on teaching methods allow students to actively create knowledge through experience, instead of passively consuming the lectures of their course instructors. This active participation is highly beneficial for their overall understanding of the material long-term.

Our unique STEAM+ curriculum develops critical, complex, and creative thinking skills. Courses range from humanities and fitness to the STEAM subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Access to hands-on learning in each of these subjects allows students to take away a wonderful level of education from each summer program, as well as a wonderful experience. Challenging academics combined with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities give students the level of engagement necessary for personal and professional progress.

Students work together while learning new material.

Higher Engagement Levels Lead to Higher Retention Rates

More program material is retained throughout our summer enrichment programs when we prioritize a hands-on learning environment. This is due to the high level of engagement that practical experience provides students. Pairing detailed instruction from course instructors with hands-on practice of the material they teach ensures that all students are actively engaged with their course work.

Students enjoy a learning experience that caters to their creativity and engagement. They will establish a sense of independence and confidence as they navigate through their courses while receiving encouragement from their instructors and their peers to participate in our active learning processes. Thoroughly enjoying their course sessions and maintaining engagement with fun, active involvement in our hands-on activities, results in students retaining the course material long-term with ease. Our programs are made for all students looking to engage in wide-ranging and diverse topics in order to further explore their interests while gaining exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Enrichment programs provide students with a more engaging learning experience.

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