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3 Ways Our Gifted Summer Programs are Intellectually Stimulating

As a leader in gifted education since 1984, Summer Institute for the Gifted has perfected student programming to provide intellectual stimulation with every lesson. Exploration, laughter, creativity, innovation, and fun are at the heart of our programs. With a dedication to enhancing and prioritizing these valuable characteristics, we are able to nurture the whole student as a result.

SIG students enjoy their summers participating in challenging problem-based learning. The support they receive from classmates and instructors helps them step outside of their comfort zone and step into their role as problem solvers, gaining confidence along the way. Our intellectually stimulating programs don’t just favor academic progress but emotional and social progress as well. Below, discover what makes our programs unique and how your student will benefit.

The Benefits of the Multidisciplinary Nature of SIG Courses

Courses in humanities and fitness, as well as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), are multidisciplinary, encouraging the development of critical, complex, and creative thinking skills. Wide-ranging and diverse topics expose students to new ideas that, in turn, stimulate their interests.

This approach to each course structure helps students discover new passions. They are able to enhance their previous knowledge while exploring new fields of study that they may have never before had the chance to discover. In this way, our gifted summer programs help students go one step further than their academic courses and discover more about the world around them while learning what they are truly interested in.

The Benefits of the Multidisciplinary Nature of SIG Courses

Gifted Summer Programs Emphasizing Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is another component of each of our courses and complements the multidisciplinary nature of each one. A problem-based learning approach helps us combine challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities where students are able to carry out their ideas to find solutions. Active engagement and involvement with exciting projects and discoveries help students stay motivated and intellectually curious throughout their course durations.

A personalized touch to our rigorous academic curriculum ensures that students are adequately supported during their time in our gifted education programs. As they move through their assignments and activities, often in collaboration with their classmates, they are able to gain a greater sense of self-confidence with every achievement. Problem-based learning, as presented at SIG, provides students with a truly rewarding overall experience.

Gifted Summer Programs Emphasizing Problem-Based Learning

Personal and Emotional Growth as a Result of SIG Courses

Through intellectually stimulating courses, students get the opportunity to develop personal and interpersonal skills. As their ideas and approaches to problem-solving are challenged and explored, they are able to think deeply about their own personal beliefs and passions. Introspection leads to positive personal growth and is a common outcome of such engaging and supportive courses at SIG.

Along with academic progress, students also experience immense social and emotional growth through connections with their peers. Small class sizes allow students to connect on a deeper level with their classmates, giving them lifelong friendships, often with students from around the world. Developing these relationships, exploring new cultures, and working together with their peers helps students develop strong skills that will help them through each of life’s stages. In one summer, the potential personal and emotional growth at SIG is unmatched.

Personal and Emotional Growth as a Result of SIG Courses

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