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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Child’s Gifted Summer Programs

Summer programs can introduce your child to brand new experiences that promote their growth and development. In our gifted summer programs, these experiences all serve to provide further academic and personal enrichment—equipping your child with the skills and knowledge they need to feel challenged and stimulated in their learning journey.

Parents looking to help their child maximize the benefits of a gifted summer education can explore different approaches, preparing their child while also ensuring their support. Choosing to become more proactive in this way can help your child feel more confident as they embark on a new experience away from home, allowing them to feel ready and motivated for a summer of fun and engaging learning.

Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. Plan Ahead by Taking Advantage of Our Flexible Summer Programs

At SIG, parents have the option to choose between a day-only program, a residential program, or online courses, all of which emphasize academic enrichment and personal growth. The flexibility of having a choice allows families to customize their child’s summer education experience, ensuring that the program they choose is well adapted to their child’s needs and interests.

Planning in advance after choosing the right program for your child can be a great way to help them feel more prepared and confident about starting a new adventure. This can include creating a helpful packing list of everything your child may need or want as well as encouraging them to outline what they want their personal learning objectives to be for the program. Taking this step allows them to benefit from a personalized education that is focused on the goals they want to achieve.

2. Promote Open Communication with Counselors and Instructors

Some of the best summer programs for gifted students have dedicated and experienced staff on-hand to ensure that students have the best experience possible. Here at SIG, the designated support staff is trained to reach out and connect with students to address their needs or help them better transition to the program. This includes supportive counselors who live on the same floor as residential students. 

To make the most of this, you can encourage your child to communicate openly with our staff and counselors. Promoting transparency in this way can help our staff better attend to the needs of your child and provide them with a great experience.

3. Encourage Your Child to Make New Friends During their Gifted Summer Programs

Summer programs provide an exciting opportunity for your gifted child to make like-minded friends, many of whom likely share the same interests. It may be a bit awkward or intimidating at first, but our welcoming community is there to support your child every step along the way. 

Being friendly and keeping an open mind can help your child build meaningful relationships that broaden their perspective. It can even boost their professional development as they meet international students and make new friends from around the world—equipping them with valuable communication skills. Encouraging these interactions, which can one day flourish into lifelong friendships, can make gifted summer programs even more memorable for your child.

3. Encourage Your Child to Make New Friends During their Gifted Summer Programs

4. Motivate Your Child to Explore and Embrace New Opportunities

SIG programs are all about providing new and enriching experiences for students. Through our STEAM+ Curriculum, your child can explore subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math as well as humanities-type courses and physical education. This means they’ll have a wide range of opportunities to explore new topics and learn something new.

Motivating your child to get out of their comfort zones and explore these subjects can push them to discover passions and interests they never knew they had before. It can even encourage them to participate in social events or new recreational activities, helping them develop new hobbies that may last even after the end of their program.

4. Motivate Your Child to Explore and Embrace New Opportunities

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