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5 Things to Gain from Our UCLA High School Summer Programs

Summer is an exciting time, as everyone gears up for the various adventures they will embark on during the warmer months. If you’re looking to maximize your time spent in the sunshine, while still building up your course experience and college resume, then the UCLA campus may be the perfect fit for you! 

You will find yourself minutes from the beach in the heart of Los Angeles. The talent, knowledge, and education that breathe through the city are the perfect inspiration for any student looking to grow personally and academically. Here are 5 things that you can expect to gain from a program at UCLA!

1. Explore the World’s Entertainment Capital

While we know it’s important for our UCLA high school summer programs to remain rigorous, thought-provoking, and transformative, we also know that they need to be fun. We have carefully paired our course offerings with a number of local trips, activities, and adventures for you to explore during your program.

In the California sun, you can spend your Recreational Hour after courses finish swimming, playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, or soccer, meeting up with clubs, or hanging out with friends. With one off-campus trip every weekend, you can dream about the once in a lifetime sight-seeing experiences that await you in the world’s entertainment capital.

1. Explore the World’s Entertainment Capital

2. Attend America’s Top Public University

A huge component of our gifted summer programs is the ability for students to gain a level of independence as they experience life away from home for a few weeks. This is often the first time students are out of their house for an extended period of time, and they get the true college experience by staying at America’s top public university, UCLA.

You can expect to learn a lot about yourself during dorm life, as you navigate your packed schedule and make friends with other students. You may even fall in love with the campus – so much so, that you might consider applying for university!

3. Engage in STEAM+ Courses in Gifted Summer Programs

At UCLA, SIG offers our unique STEAM+ curriculum that applies creative thinking across multiple disciplines to solve real-world problems. You can choose from a wide variety of courses incorporating science, technology, engineering, math, and humanities.

Some available course options in our UCLA program include Creative Engineering and Robotics, Discrete Mathematics, Smart Cities: Reimagining Urban Infrastructures, and, back by popular demand, Synaptic Plasticity – The Adaptable Brain. These exciting course options will help you discover new passions and challenge you to apply yourself every day.

3. Engage in STEAM+ Courses in Gifted Summer Programs

4. Find Accountability with a School-Life Balance

Because we pair an academic focus with a recreational counterpart, you can expect to learn the perfect balance between taking on a healthy challenge and the importance of relaxation. One without the other is uninspiring, but when combined, they create the perfect recipe for happiness and progress.

Between keeping on schedule with your courses, recreational experiences, arranging your social time, and enjoying program activities with your new friends at UCLA, you will develop a new level of accountability that you can seamlessly integrate into your everyday life after your program.

5. Develop Your Socio-Emotional Skills Among Peers

While lessons of accountability, responsibility, and leadership in the classroom will help you grow, our students also greatly benefit personally from the activities offered in our UCLA program. These activities, in fact, enhance the challenging academic curriculum through additional social and cultural interaction.

Surrounded by like-minded peers, you can feel comfortable expressing yourself and showcasing your talents. At SIG, every student is celebrated for their unique personality and what they can bring to the table!

5. Develop Your Socio-Emotional Skills Among Peers

Interested in learning more about our summer programs for gifted high school students?

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