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5 Winter Break Activities for Gifted Students

Looking for winter break activities for gifted students? Look no further. Here are 5 ideas for enriching activities when school is out.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering can be a very rewarding winter break activity for gifted students. Look for projects and causes that relate to your gifted child’s interests. Volunteer Match, which features a “kid-friendly” search filter, is a fantastic resource for finding local volunteer opportunities.

Having trouble finding local volunteer opportunities? Donate items to a local charity instead. The new year is the perfect time to declutter. Over winter break gifted students can gain a sense of gratitude while decluttering by going through their room and filling a box with clothes, toys, or books to donate to those in need.

2. Explore the Outdoors

School breaks are a great time for gifted students to blow off steam outdoors. Try a new sport, go hiking, or create an outdoor scavenger hunt. Too cold to go outside? Set up a bird feeder outside a window and try to identify all the birds that visit with a bird watching book or app such as the Audubon Bird Guide App.

3. Turn Your Home Into a STEAM Lab

STEAM activities are a wonderful way of keeping gifted students intellectually stimulated over winter break. Make snowflake bath bombs while learning chemistry, create a magnifying glass out of ice and learn about the science of refraction, or make glitter slime while learning about the science behind slime.

4. Take a Virtual Art Gallery Tour

Did you know that many world-renowned art galleries offer free virtual tours? Tour the Egyptian Antiquities at the Louvre, Picasso’s masterpieces at the Guggenheim, the Van Gogh exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, and much more!

5. Have Fun With Music

Winter break is a great time to practice learning a new instrument or try writing a song. Students can even learn musical skills virtually without needing to buy or rent an instrument. Practice virtual piano with Pianu or learn music theory and ear training with Tone Savvy.

Summer Break & Gifted Students

Looking for enrichment for gifted students over the summer? With day and residential program options, SIG offers over 80 courses in STEAM plus humanities and fitness for gifted, creative, and academically talented students ages 5-17 at program locations throughout the United States.


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