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Anxiety Over Summer Programs? Kiss Your Fears Goodbye!

Coping with Anxiety Over Summer Programs

At this time of the year, there is a lot of excitement for the end of the year and the possibilities for new experiences, travel, and plans for the summer. However, for some gifted students, the summer may bring some anxiousness for new experiences or social situations. Anxiety is not uncommon among gifted students, and due to their intense nature of experiencing the world, fears or anxieties surface in various ways. When anxiety reaches the stage of excessive worry, it can be quite disruptive to the student’s life. It can lead to irritability, changes in eating habits, nausea, underachievement, or multiple other physical symptoms.

If you have made plans for your child to attend a SIG program this summer or engage in a new experience, be mindful that there may be some anxiety associated with the prospects of starting a new season or journey. At SIG we do several things to help students cope with anxiety. 

Coping with Anxiety Over Summer Programs

Tips for Coping with Anxiety Over Summer Programs

Communication is key. 
We encourage students to share their concerns with their counselors and other staff on campus. Expressing oneself openly in a safe environment is helpful in sorting through anxious feelings in a constructive way. 

Relaxation is critical.
In our arts and fitness courses, students learn to relax and use their bodies and their imaginations to express themselves in additional ways. Also, our recreation hour provides a great opportunity for students to hang out with friends, try new activities, and explore interests in ways that are not competitive, stressful, or evaluated. 

Facing fears is paramount.
Fear, the root of most anxiety, dissipates as students are encouraged to face their fears in manageable, incremental steps. The self-efficacy that effectively combats anxiety comes from facing manageable challenges such as navigating a new campus, meeting people from all over the world, tackling courses that challenge you, and even learning how to do laundry for the first time! These are just a few ways students can start to face fear and take away its power while at SIG. 

Our 2021 SIG season has already started, but we still have space for students at some of our locations. We are not anxious about that but are looking forward to meeting our new and returning students and families. Outside of SIG, if you find yourself in a situation where anxiety is negatively affecting the quality of someone’s life, help is available. There are many books and programs dealing with child anxiety. It may also be prudent to seek the advice and counseling of experts. 

As you anticipate your summer plans, we wish for you the same kind of excitement that we feel here and expect that your summer will be full of fun and free of anxiety. If you have not made your plans to participate in a SIG program, whether online or in-person, it’s not too late. Contact us at or call us at 866-303-4744. 


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