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Benefits of Campus Life: SIG Innovators Program

The SIG Innovators Program offers gifted and talented students ages 9-17 the choice to live on campus (Residential option) or commute daily (Day option or Day + Evenings & Saturdays option). With program locations at prestigious university campuses across the United States, the Innovators Program provides students with a glimpse into college life while in a safe, secure, and supervised environment.

Benefits of SIG Campus Life:

“I sent my son to SIG for the first time at the age of 13 as a quiet, tentative student who had yet to really find people that got him. The young man I picked up 3 weeks later was a completely different kid. He was talkative, playful, confidently independent and had clearly found his people. Not to mention he started doing his own laundry. BONUS! We are so thankful for the staff that run this amazing program.”-SIG Parent, SIG at Princeton 2019

Develop Independence

With the SIG Innovators Program, students benefit from independence while also gaining responsibilities, preparing them for future experiences at college. By living on campus, students gain independence from the experience of living away from home.

Students choosing the Residential program option are responsible for doing their laundry. They may use the laundry facilities located on campus in the dormitories. Staff will assist with any laundry instruction that may be necessary. The cost of doing laundry varies by campus.

Older students can take advantage of SIG Senior Privileges. As a Senior student, and as part of SIG’s Senior Privilege guidelines, 15-17 year old students have increased flexibility in scheduling, enjoy a greater sense of freedom, and are privy to activities geared towards this older age group. Senior Privileges vary by program location.

Experience Dorm Life

Experience dorm life before college! Students choosing the Residential program option live on campus in secure college dormitories. Depending on the residential building configuration, the students may live with one or two roommates or have a single room, or they may live in a suite of up to three students, with a common bathroom. Residential configurations vary by campus.

Counselors live in the halls with the students, supervising a group of 10-14 students of the same gender and age group. A Residential Life Dean and Housemaster are also part of the overall residential supervision team.

Student Activities

Students choosing the Residential or Day + Evenings & Saturdays program options can participate in exciting evening and weekend activities! These events may include movie nights, counselor group activities, student theater performances, dances, and local area explorations.

(Above photo from a dance at SIG UC Berkeley 2019.)

Recreational Hour is offered after the last course period. Students may participate in swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, chess, creative arts, and more!

Recreational Hour is offered after the last course period. Students may participate in swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, chess, creative arts, and more!

(Above photo from Recreational Hour at SIG at Princeton 2019.)

Evening activities include SIG traditions such as the SIG Talent Show, Brain Bowl (academic trivia challenge), and Game Show Night.

(Above photo from SIG Talent Show at UC Berkeley.)

About Safety & Security

“I really appreciated the independence that my son was able to experience in a safe environment through his summer with SIG. He and I are excited for him to return next summer!”-SIG Parent, SIG at University of Miami 2019

Student safety and security is our first priority at SIG. All SIG programs are held at safe campus locations with access to campus security and supported by experienced SIG staff. An experienced Director oversees all aspects of the program on campus and Deans supervise academics, residential life, and student activities.

Housemasters, who are experienced educators and administrators, manage and supervise dormitories for residential students. Day program students, as well as Day + Evenings and Saturdays students, are assigned a counselor in charge of safely checking them in and out each day. Students are accompanied by a Counselor or SIG staff member on and off-campus.

Once on campus, students cannot leave unless they are supervised by SIG staff or granted permission through Senior Privileges. Students are always chaperoned during SIG off-campus trips.

Are you interested in day programs for younger students? The SIG Investigators Program offers gifted and talented students ages 5-12 Full Day and Half Day program options. Learn more about the SIG Investigators Program.


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