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Building a Personalized Learning Experience for Your Child at Our Gifted Summer School

Finding a program that suits your child’s needs is important when considering options for summer enrichment programs. At Summer Institute for the Gifted, we cater to the strengths and interests of each child with personalized courses, goals, and guidance. Academic programs at SIG are well-balanced, giving students exposure to new topics while they can explore their passions.

Not only do students get to excel in an individualized academic program with small class sizes, but residential students also get to participate in a number of recreational activities, such as sports, clubs, arts and crafts, and more. SIG faculty and staff also plan special activities for students in the evenings, where they get to explore friendships with their peers and achieve personal growth through social engagement. Discover the possibilities for building a personalized learning experience when you choose SIG.

Students Thrive in Small Class Sizes at Our Gifted Summer School

Small class sizes at SIG allow for a lower ratio of students to course instructors, benefiting each individual student as they receive personalized assistance. Our experienced, dedicated, world-class instructors are accompanied by teaching assistants, who further provide support and direction for students attending our academic gifted summer programs

With course instructors able to keep a close eye on each student, they can create personalized goals suitable for each child’s needs. With these tailor-made goals that are based on their skills and abilities, each student is challenged in an individualized way. SIG is proud to offer academic programs that prioritize problem-based learning, giving students the opportunity to excel in their strengths and think creatively as they work towards their academic goals.

Smiling students learning together.

Flexible Options for Student Programs and Course Selections

It’s important for our students to explore options that interest them while allowing them to keep an open mind and discover new topics that help them grow both academically and personally. For this reason, we offer flexible options for our summer programs for gifted kids and let students choose their own courses. 

SIG offers different courses for different age groups, encouraging students to explore topics that may be new to them. Having the opportunity to build themselves a personalized learning experience will give each child the sense of independence and ownership of their courses that will help them succeed with enthusiasm.

SIG students take part in hands-on learning experiences.

Students Discover New Interests and Passions Through a Multidisciplinary Approach

To further allow students to build on their personalized curriculum, SIG offers ways to explore other topics of interest through a multidisciplinary STEAM+ approach. This approach combines various subjects to provide a unique and stimulating learning experience, ensuring an enriching opportunity for any student looking to achieve their academic potential.

Students who attend SIG programs are met with challenging academics combined with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities. This combination nurtures students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs while enhancing their natural talents and abilities. Engaging in this way with a range of diverse topics exposes students to their strengths and weaknesses to both enhance their previous knowledge and get acquainted with new topics to help pique interest in new fields.

Diverse group of students taking advanced summer courses.

Interested in looking into STEAM summer programs?

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