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How Our Gifted Summer Program Provides Value Through a STEAM+ Curriculum

At Summer Institute for the Gifted, students are immersed in an exciting STEAM+ curriculum in a way that is meaningful to them. Our gifted summer programs are a way for students to explore their creativity through a variety of different subjects while making strong connections, collaborating with others, and adopting new ways of thinking. Important soft skills are cultivated throughout the STEAM+ courses at SIG, such as people and social skills, emotional intelligence, character trait development, communication skills, and more. The value that students gain from these programs will carry over into their future academic and professional careers. 

The STEAM+ curriculum at SIG involves courses in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, humanities, and fitness and recreation. Through a diverse course catalog, students can find a program that best suits their interests. Continue reading to learn more about the value of the STEAM+ curriculum at SIG.

Students Benefit From Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is a component of our STEAM+ curriculum that fosters intellectual engagement from each of our students. With a traditional curriculum, students tend to show less engagement as the years progress. However, with a STEAM+ curriculum, student motivation remains high as they are prompted to apply their knowledge and creativity to solve problems alongside their peers. Rather than simply acquiring the grade they are looking for and going through the motions of completing their work, students are actively engaged in the problem-solving process and encouraged to share their unique and valuable opinions and ideas.

Getting creative to solve problems helps students better absorb and retain course material

Students Learn in a Stimulating Multidisciplinary Environment

The multidisciplinary nature of our STEAM+ curriculum adds value to student development as they are encouraged to bring ideas from various subjects into their discussions and studies. Making connections to new topics using subject matter that students are familiar with helps them develop a sense of confidence and leadership in the classroom. Cementing these thought patterns and contributing to discussions with other students helps bridge the gap between courses and support a comprehensive understanding.

The multidisciplinary nature of our gifted summer programs helps students create valuable connection

In our STEM summer programs, we combine challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities that nurture students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs and enhance their natural talents and abilities. Additionally, by engaging in wide-ranging and diverse topics, students are exposed to new ideas that stimulate their interests and enhance their previous knowledge while also attracting interest in new fields of study.  

Personalized Goals Help Students Achieve Academic Excellence

A STEAM+ curriculum is catered to the individual needs of each student. During a gifted summer program at SIG, students have a chance to set personalized goals based on their skills and aspirations. With the help of professional instructors, students are able to set individualized goals that help them determine their strengths and discover how they learn best. Personalized learning helps students feel supported and confident in their contributions and promotes further engagement and participation. This approach can also push students to work on improving their weak spots in the classroom, helping them excel in all areas of learning. 

Personalized Goals Help Students Achieve Academic Excellence

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