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Interested in Gifted Enrichment Summer Programs? Consider These Benefits

It’s no secret that school districts across the country struggle to find the funding necessary to support all of the programs they want to provide for their students. Oftentimes we see gifted education programs suffering reduction and elimination as a result, which can limit the access these students have to bigger opportunities to advance their academics.

Today’s youth need personalized support and direction just as much as students of previous years, whether or not our public schools are able to provide it. This is where targeted gifted summer programs provide added opportunities and engaging sessions that students need to expand their perspectives and continue to grow intellectually, creatively, and socially. Learn just how important these programs are and some of the key benefits they provide for students.

Programming for the Whole Person

At Summer Institute for the Gifted, we are able to create programming designed to foster growth for the whole child, not just in a particular school subject area. Through a combination of challenging academics with social, cultural, and recreational opportunities, we are able to nurture students’ social skills alongside their natural talents. 
Some of these opportunities outside of academics include movie nights, counselor group activities, student theater performances, dances, and even local area exploration. Whether students are participating in game nights during the week, or attending an off-campus outing on the weekends, they will be able to find a healthy balance of academic commitment and social engagement in the summer enrichment programs at SIG.

Programming for the Whole Person

Maximizing Students’ Full Potential in Our Gifted Enrichment Summer Programs

Not only do gifted enrichment summer programs cater to the development of tools to help students improve their trades, but they also allow students the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones. This community of supportive, like-minded individuals, helps students gain the confidence and eagerness needed to dive into their courses with enthusiasm, allowing them to get more out of their experiences. 

Students are also able to enhance their self-expression and communication abilities in SIG arts courses, such as through activities in our playwriting or short film production courses. Whether in elementary or middle school, exposure to these unique and exciting courses allows our students to explore new ideas and identify their passions alongside their peers. Additionally, gifted students in our residential program can develop valuable social skills, benefitting from fun and engaging social activities on campus designed for personal and emotional growth.

Maximizing Students’ Full Potential in Our Gifted Enrichment Summer Programs

Applying Creative Thinking Across Multiple Disciplines

At SIG, we understand that gifted students often exhibit extraordinary conceptual thinking and thrive in an environment that allows them to combine reasoning and imagination without the restraints of sticking to a single academic discipline. This is why we are focused on providing gifted students with ways to discover new interests and explore current passions through a multidisciplinary STEAM+ approach, combining various subjects to provide a unique and stimulating learning experience.

With multiple campus options for Middle and High School students, as well as for Elementary students to choose from, students are able to find courses that suit their interests and get them excited to reach their full potential. Each course includes a wide range of disciplines, allowing students to enhance existing talents while acquiring new ones. With a more stimulating academic experience, SIG students finish their summers rejuvenated and excited for new academic adventures to come.

Applying Creative Thinking Across Multiple Disciplines

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