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Is UC Berkeley Your Dream School? Get a Taste of Campus Life with Our Gifted Summer Programs

Some students have a vision of what they believe their dream campus is like but don’t get to experience it until they have committed to a program. With Summer Institute for the Gifted, you can make sure you love your dream school before you begin your college education!

Getting a taste of what campus life is like will help make your commitment to your dream school that much easier. What’s even better is the personal growth you will experience during your time on campus, learning how to meet your course requirements and balance your activities and social life while away from your family. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect when you attend a summer program with us at UC Berkeley.

Living the College Campus Life in Our Gifted Education Programs

Having the opportunity to study for a few weeks at one of the country’s top universities is a dream for students across the country. At UC Berkeley, our unique program combines remarkable academic courses with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities.

The STEAM+ program will help you get a head start on adjusting to college life as you stay in campus dorms, practice living with roommates, and refine important time management skills. You won’t be left to make these adjustments on your own, as our gifted education programs offer extensive support for every student. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a full orientation that will help you succeed throughout your program. During your time on campus, you’ll have a strong support system with access to SIG staff and residential counselors to make your stay everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Living the College Campus Life in Our Gifted Education Programs

STEAM+ Courses Offered at UC Berkeley

A staple of SIG programs is the ability for you to customize your learning journey. UC Berkeley offers a wide variety of course options you can choose from, helping you achieve your academic goals no matter what your areas of interest are. 

The learning environment found in each of these course options is consistent, from Discrete Mathematics to Short Film Production. Each program has been specifically designed to bring together like-minded students for fun and engaging learning. Each course is multidisciplinary, exploring topics from a variety of perspectives for a more intellectually stimulating experience. Much like you will when you eventually attend college at UC Berkeley, you can choose the path that best suits your interests and academic goals.

STEAM+ Courses Offered at UC Berkeley

An Exciting and Challenging Educational and Social Experience

While academics are highly regarded in SIG programs, outside of class, students have fun! From daily recreational activities to off-campus trips, our high-achieving students learn how to unwind and experience work-life balance. UC Berkeley also offers programs for middle school and commuter students, giving each individual a chance to experience campus life no matter their program option.

Activities outside of the classroom will help you better connect with your peers, exploring your relationships and together learning about different cultures. All residential students participate in an evening workshop of their choice, diving into topics that spark curiosity, critical thinking, ethical awareness, and more. At a UC Berkeley gifted summer program, you can expect to find the personal growth you’re looking for to help prepare you for success in college.

An Exciting and Challenging Educational and Social Experience

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