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Ready for a Fun Learning Experience? Activities You Can Expect at Our Gifted Summer School

An enriching summer program provides more than just high-level academics. It allows its students to benefit from a wide range of fun and engaging activities that significantly contribute to student growth and development. Through these activities, gifted students are given the chance to strengthen their emotional and social intelligence while discovering new interests that help them uncover their full potential. 

In the welcoming and nurturing environment of Summer Institute for the Gifted, gifted students can improve a variety of life skills that further supplement their STEAM+ education—giving them the resources and experiences they need to succeed in their goals. Students who participate in this way can develop their passions and explore a world of possibilities alongside a supportive group of like-minded friends.

Here’s a quick introduction to the various activities your child can enjoy in one of SIG’s residential summer programs! 

Exploring Fun Recreational Activities at the End of an Enriching Day

A good summer program combines challenging academics with recreational activities to nurture students’ growth. Gifted students at SIG have the opportunity to delve into a variety of fun activities after completing a day of enriching academics. 

At the end of the last course period, SIG middle and high school students can enjoy swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and even a game of chess with their friends. Those with interests in the arts can explore creative arts and clubs that take their skills to the next level. Through team sports and recreational group activities, students can enhance their communication and collaboration skills while having fun with like-minded peers. This allows them to become more active and involved in their learning journey—creating a one-of-a-kind summer experience.

Gifted students can discover new interests and deepen their passions through recreational activities

Making New Friends at Memorable Evening and Weekend Events

Social events are an important aspect of a summer program. At our gifted summer school, gifted students can participate in a wide range of social events designed to bring students together for fun and memorable experiences. This includes movie nights, counselor group activities, student theatre performances, dances, and even local area exploration. 

In the evenings, students can benefit from entertaining activities that introduce some friendly competition. Events like the SIG Talent Show invite gifted students to share their talents with the group while the Brain Bowl and Game Night events encourage teamwork, quick thinking and other valuable skills. Gifted students participating in a residential program can also choose to go on off-campus weekend trips—exploring new areas with new friends. In this way, students are able to build meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime.

Older students in residential programs can join weekend trips to explore new areas with friends.

Developing Advanced Skills at High-Level Academic Workshops in Gifted Summer School

Middle and high school residential students in gifted education programs at SIG also participate in advanced academic workshops. These workshops equip students with modern skills that position them for future success in more than just academics—preparing them for careers as well as civic responsibilities.  Here, they are able to foster their intellectual curiosity along with a stronger sense of intercultural and self-awareness. 

Activities within these workshops are designed to further enrich the student experience. Students can choose from different topics to discover something new and complete meaningful achievements. They can get involved with their local community to build awareness on key issues, debate and discuss complex themes from books and scholarly articles, and identify personal qualities that can later become their key strengths. By participating in these activities, your child can experience a fulfilling learning journey that sets them up for future success while enabling them to forge long-lasting friendships.

SIG students come together to learn valuable skills.

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