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Young Students Spark Curiosity During Our Gifted Elementary Summer Enrichment Programs

Creativity and curiosity are essential to a bright imagination and strong problem-solving skills. With the ability to ask questions, form their own ideas, and create new solutions, students in our elementary programs develop both personal and academic skills.

With endless support and a healthy dose of fun, students are encouraged to explore all of their thoughts, ideas, and opportunities as they complete their courses. The immense feeling of accomplishment as they try new things and succeed in new challenges gives SIG students a rewarding sense of confidence in themselves and their extraordinary abilities. Continue reading to learn more about how young students spark and chase this curiosity in our elementary programs.

A Variety of Instructional Learning Opportunities Sparks Creativity

The robust academic experience found within SIG summer enrichment programs exposes students to a number of instructional learning strategies that help students flex their creativity and critical thinking skills. Through collaborative work groups, group and independent investigations, experiments, interactive explorations, research, performance tasks, and so much more, each student is given the opportunity to develop personal passions.

Aside from personal curiosity, students are also supported in developing their divergent and convergent thinking, expanding on what they already know to be true to explore the unknown. Developing their own ideas and solutions to problems results in creative production through this heightened curiosity that will leave students feeling so proud of their accomplishments.

A Variety of Instructional Learning Opportunities Sparks Creativity

Providing Support for Students to Explore Curiosities in Gifted Summer Programs

As a community filled with caring, world-class instructors, responsible teaching assistants, and engaging staff members, students at SIG are supported every step of their summer experience. We prioritize small class sizes to help students connect not only with the instructors but also with their peers as they work in this collaborative and explorative environment. Getting the support they need in the classroom helps students thrive when it comes to their individual curiosity and performance, knowing that they are cared for and encouraged with each activity during their gifted summer programs.

Personalized goals for each student are prioritized and tailored to their individual abilities. Students begin this personalized experience by choosing the course that best fits their passions and interests. From here, they are able to establish a relationship with their instructors based on trust and an understanding of their skill sets. Backed by their instructors, they can let their curiosity run wild while exploring their STEAM+ curriculum.

Providing Support for Students to Explore Curiosities in Gifted Summer Programs

Building Social and Emotional Skills to Promote Further Learning

Students in elementary programs at SIG benefit from the development of social skills through participation in engaging social and recreational activities designed for personal and emotional growth. Our programs for grades K-5 help stimulate curiosity and the creative minds of gifted and talented youth while they engage with their peers, find comfort in their individuality, and learn the value of teamwork.

The social and emotional skills that students refine through our programs help them excel in the classroom as well as at home. Learning how to problem solve, collaborate, and get creative to find a solution helps foster a sense of individuality in each student. With a dedication to the development of the curious minds of our students, SIG programs serve our youth in their academic and personal journeys to their best selves.

Building Social and Emotional Skills to Promote Further Learning

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