The Definitive STEAM Summer Program

What is a STEAM Education at SIG?

SIG offers unique programming for gifted and talented students ages 5-17 during the summer and school year. The SIG STEAM+ curriculum focuses on applying creative thinking across multiple disciplines to solve real-world problems. Through an innovative curriculum that spans all facets of STEAM, plus humanities and fitness, SIG challenges students to utilize knowledge of different disciplines to discover creative solutions.

SIG courses are grouped by age and marked for the STEAM, Humanities, or Fitness tracks they fall under.


Science is one of the most important subjects in education due to its relevance to students’ lives and its ability to develop critical thinking skills. Students studying science learn useful skills like how to research, follow directions, organize results, and analyze data to draw a conclusion. SIG offers courses in many scientific fields, including physical science, life sciences, and physics.


The "A" was added to STEM for a good reason. Arts education provides students with the creative thinking and communication skills necessary for innovation. SIG offers courses in arts including graphic design, songwriting, film, and theater.


Modern society relies on technology for innovation, and yet the majority of high schools do not offer computer science courses. Technology is used as a tool by all STEAM fields and teaches students vital problem-solving skills. SIG offers courses in technology subjects such as artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, and computer science.


Math education teaches students the logical and critical thinking skills necessary for recognizing patterns and solving complex problems. SIG teaches students how to analyze, understand, and apply mathematical concepts. SIG offers math courses in areas such as algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, mathematical modeling, and finance.


Engineering combines practical knowledge with creative thinking to contribute to the progress of society. Students learn to integrate scientific principles with imagination to develop innovations in fields like architecture, medicine, and sustainability. SIG offers courses such as Aerospace Engineering: Sustainable Solutions, Civil Engineering: Builders at Work, Engineering in Action, and Tiny Homes: Huge Impact!


Humanities is the study of the human experience. SIG offers courses that draw upon disciplines such as business, cultural studies, economics, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.

FITNESS & Recreation

Fitness and recreation courses help students learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle while encouraging teamwork and having fun. SIG offers courses in topics such as archery, dance, fencing, meditation, personal training, self-defense, swimming, and tennis.

SIG Programs Provide...

Dynamic and innovative approaches for supplementing the education of our world’s most gifted and talented students, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they require.

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