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Administrative Assistant – Innovators Program

Job Description


This position reports to the Director of assigned campus and may also take direction from the Deans as appropriate.


The role of the Administrative Assistant for the Summer Institute for the Gifted Innovators Program is to provide administrative and operational support to all components of the program.

Essential Functions

  1. Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the SIG Employee Manual, SIG Innovators Staff Manual, and the SIG Code of Professional Conduct.
  2. Completes all pre-program responsibilities:
    • Reads provided manuals.
    • Attends and participates in the staff orientations prior to the beginning of the session.
  3. Assists with the coordination/implementation of student registration on the program’s opening day.
  4. Provides overall administrative and operational support to the Director, as well as any Deans, staff members, students, or family members.
  5. Greets and directs visitors to the program, answers telephone calls, email communication, and provides general administrative support in the campus office.
  6. Implements the organization and set-up of the administrative office and its paperwork.
  7. Coordinates the acquisition and purchase of office supplies.
  8. Assists Nurse in infirmary as needed.
  9. Assists the Office Manager and Academic Assistant with managing and organizing the inventory of the supplies for the program. Prepares a complete and updated inventory of all materials that go into storage during the final days of the program.
  10. Works in cooperation with the Office Manager, Academic Assistant, and any residential staff member assigned to work in the office.
  11. Transports and provides support materials, making them available on the campus to staff and students, as requested.
  12. Utilizes the Campus Portal for operational information and reports.
  13. Provides administrative support for copying materials, filing, organizing, data input, creating spreadsheets, writing correspondence or processing information as requested.
  14. Assists with opening and closing the overall program, supplies, and the office. This includes packing, unpacking, labeling, and moving supplies, as requested. Assists with electronic files and reports in academic areas.
  15. Receives and communicates telephone and email messages to staff and students.
  16. Distributes daily mail to staff and students.
  17. Additional duties as assigned.


  1. Ability to prioritize, organize, and complete tasks in a self-directed environment.
  2. Ability to complete tasks in a reasonable time with limited supervision.
  3. Comfortable using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  4. Ability to work with various office equipment including, but not limited to: cell phones, walkie-talkies, computers, recreational equipment, photo copiers, fax machines, or scanners.

Work Environment

This job operates at a residential college campus for a three-week period.

Physical Demands

  1. Ability to move, or push objects by using hands and arms to install or position materials up to 40 lbs.
  2. Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, and crawl for prolonged periods of time to perform general operations.
  3. Ability to demonstrate speech clarity and recognition by speaking frequently for long periods of time to students, parents, faculty, SIG staff while conveying detailed and important information.
  4. Monitor the health and safety of others by scanning large areas at both night and during the day.
  5. Be able to work 24/7 shifts to anticipate unexpected situations or assist during emergency operations.
  6. Ability to live and work potentially without air conditioning during hot and humid summer months for days on campus.
  7. Maintain constant contact with others by interacting with staff and students and within dorm living situations and campus facilities.

Position Type/ Expected hours of work/Travel

  1. This position is required to reside on campus throughout the entirety of the program.
  2. There will be additional hours of work outside of these including off-site pre and post program.
  3. The position is required to attend office set-up and staff orientation four (4) to five (5) days before the start of the assigned program.


  1. Enrolled in an undergraduate program or recently graduated from an undergraduate program.
  2. Work experience in office administration and administrative procedures.

All requirements will be interpreted and applied consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and state counterparts.

Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.

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