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Student Activities Dean – Innovators Program

Job Description


This position reports to the Director of assigned campus.


The role of the Student Activities Dean for the Summer Institute for the Gifted Innovators Program is to plan and implement daily student activities which provide enrichment in cultural and social experiences for the students.

Essential Functions

  1. Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in the SIG Innovators Administrator’s Manual, the SIG Innovators Staff Manual, and the SIG Staff Code of Professional Conduct.
  2. Completes all Pre-Program responsibilities:
    • Attends a mandatory 1-day webinar training in May, watches assigned webinars, reads through manuals/handbooks, and participates in phone calls and email correspondence from SIG Central.
    • Assists with the staff orientation programs for all positions prior to student arrival.
    • Assists with the set-up of the SIG offices on campus and the unpacking of SIG supplies from the POD.
  3. Implements daily student activities to all residential, commuter, and extended commuter students.
  4. Organizes, schedules, and implements all events and activities with staff members, host facility staff, and/or host campus liaison.
  5. Ensures the successful execution of all activities.
  6. Ensures the safety and well-being of all student and staff in all activities. Coordinates and communicates student medical needs and emergencies with the Nurse.
  7. Communicates details and important information to the Director, SIG Central Program Director, parents, staff, and students regarding specific questions or concerns about student activities.
  8. Interacts with students and staff on a regular basis to develop an understanding and awareness of their individual academic levels, social, and emotional needs.
  9. Communicates with SIG family members and parents as required and is available throughout the program.
  10. Coordinates the reservation of indoor space from the host campus for large events including, but not limited to, Brain Bowl, movie nights, the dance, Casino Night, talent shows, and the Closing Ceremony.
  11. Facilitates the student and staff talent shows.
  12. Ensures professionalism and appropriate content rating of any performances in the talent shows.
  13. Takes pictures throughout the program for the Closing Ceremony slide show.
  14. Assembles and coordinates the Closing Ceremony slide show.
  15. Oversees the Closing Ceremony, including the slide show, certificates, student speeches, seating charts, and rehearsals.
  16. Makes daily student announcements during meal times.
  17. Publicizes programs and schedules throughout the program. Finds exciting ways to get students excited about upcoming events.
  18. Ensures commuter and extended commuter students are integrated into programs and activities.
  19. Creates a list of materials needed for evening programs and events and provides to Office Manager for purchase.
  20. Writes and publishes the daily SIGnal and distributes to all students and staff on a regular basis.
  21. Works with the campus liaison and any campus representatives. Collaborates with on-site liaison to ensure space and room needs are met.
  22. Manage activities related budget as outlined by Director and SIG Central Program Director.
  23. Attends all campus meetings as required.
  24. Assists with all campus needs or emergencies, as requested.
  25. Communicates with SIG Central Program Director any escalated facility, employee or student related issues within 24 hours.
  26. Additional duties as assigned.
  27. Completes all Off-Campus Trip responsibilities:
    • Confirms arrangements with the transportation company for the off-campus trip (if applicable).
    • Oversees the scheduling of staff trip group assignments and coordination of trip supervisors.
    • Finalizes all details of trip including fees, payments, itineraries, responsibilities, maps, lunch counts, and medical forms.
    • Communicates any issues with trip details to SIG Central prior to the trip.
    • Discusses safety measures and protocols with staff and students.
    • Supervises departure and return. Conducts head counts for safety measures.
    • Attends the off-campus trip and is available in-person and by telephone at all times during the trip.
  28. Completes all Post-Program responsibilities:
    • Conducts and documents a post-program inspection of all spaces SIG used during the program with the Deans and Housemasters.
    • Uploads and shares all photos, videos, the closing ceremony slide show, documents and forms to the campus One Drive account no later than 2 days after the end of the session.
    • Collects the student evaluations of activities.
    • Completes the Student Activities Dean Summary Report and log.
    • Assists with closing the overall program and packs up the office, inventory, and supplies in the storage unit.
    • Packages all activity related materials and generates a detailed inventory of contents in each container at the end of the program. Supplies SIG Central with inventory copy.
    • Participates in post camp evaluation discussions.


  1. Demonstrate creativity, enthusiasm, task commitment, dependability, and responsibility in role.
  2. Conduct self in an exemplary manner through work ethic, integrity, and holds self to a higher standard of behavior.
  3. Use good judgment in decision making, problem-solving, and mentoring children/young adults.
  4. Ability to multitask, set priorities, follow through on details, and complete assignments.
  5. Demonstrate a friendly, helpful, and positive attitude, and a commitment to working with the students.
  6. Possess exemplary leadership and organizational skills.
  7. A professional communication style.
  8. Creative problem-solving skills and crisis management.
  9. Work with various office equipment including, but not limited to: cell phones, walkie-talkies, computers, recreational equipment, photo copiers, fax machines, or scanners.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position does not formally supervise any positions on campus, but does assign duties to Counselors as related to student activities.

  1. Trains Counselors to lead activities requiring group interaction and creative thinking skills. Works with Counselors to generate ideas for counselor led activity nights.
  2. Schedules the supervision and activities of the afternoon recreational hour.
  3. Schedules and assigns Counselors to evening program activity duties.
  4. Monitors, mentors, mediates, and counsels the behavioral issues of students and any performance issues of staff.

Work Environment

This job operates at a residential college campus for a three-week period.

Physical Demands

  1. Ability to move, or push objects by using hands and arms to install or position materials up to 40 lbs.
  2. Ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, and crawl for prolonged periods of time to perform general operations.
  3. Be able to demonstrate speech clarity and recognition by speaking frequently for long periods of time to students, parents, faculty, SIG staff, public health officials while conveying detailed and important information.
  4. Monitor the health and safety of others by scanning large areas at both night and during the day.
  5. Be able to work 24/7 shifts to anticipate unexpected situations or assist during emergency operations.
  6. Ability to live and work potentially without air conditioning during hot and humid summer months for days on campus.
  7. Maintain constant contact with others by interacting with staff and students and within the campus and campus facilities.

Position Type / Expected hours of work / Travel

  1. The position is required to reside on campus throughout the entirety of the program.
  2. There will be additional hours of work outside of these including off-site pre and post program.
  3. The position is required to attend office set-up and staff orientation four (4) to five (5) days before the start of the assigned program.

Education / Experience/ Qualifications

  1. A Master’s degree or higher (preferred).
  2. A minimum of three years of administrative or supervisory experience in a seasonal recreational, academic program, or residential program.
  3. Experience with recreational activity planning.
  4. Specialized degree and/or study in general education and/or minimum of three years teaching experience with academically gifted children.
  5. Certified in First Aid/CPR. If not certified at time of hire, must be willing to get certified prior to start of program.

All requirements will be interpreted and applied consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and state law counterparts

Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.

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