Why Work for SIG?

Year after year, qualified and dedicated staff devote their time and energy to working with the fantastic students who attend our programs. No matter the position, each individual on the team is considered a vital member of the SIG community. We work hard, but we have a ton of fun too!

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider working with SIG this summer:

  • Work with students and colleagues from all around the world
  • Positively influence the lives of young people
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Participate in hands-on classroom experience
  • Contribute to creative and challenging academic environments
  • Facilitate unique course offerings in a variety of content areas
  • Grow your own potential as an educator or youth leader
  • Teach students through their passions, not through a prescribed curriculum
  • Network with other professionals in your field and build connections

Did you know that many of our staff return to the SIG team each summer? You will be joining a group of devoted, seasoned professionals who are passionate about children and who you can grow with year to year.

With new locations and opportunities for advancement each summer, where will your SIG career take you?

Past and present staff members have used their experiences with SIG as a jumping-off point to transition into new professional experiences, such as Teach for America and The Fulbright Program. Working with SIG will differentiate you from your peers and colleagues, and provide you with substantial professional development.

You will gain skills that can be applied to a variety of future employment options and show your commitment to working with students. Working with SIG provides you the opportunity for professional advancement.

Summer Institute for the Gifted is an equal opportunity employer.

Why Should YOU Join the SIG Team?

Fun Times at SIG!