International Students Information

We welcome our international students (defined as anyone who is ineligible to apply for a U.S. passport) and value the richness of diversity in culture and orientation they bring to our programs.

Enrollment Process

  • For international students, Type I and Type II eligibility processes apply.
  • Students need a high level of English language proficiency in speaking and writing to integrate successfully into the SIG academic program. A Skype interview may be required. International students are required to provide evidence of their English proficiency through the submission of standardized English language test scores(i.e. - TOEFL™, TOEFL Junior™, ELTIS) or a school transcript indicating a proficient (A or B or the equivalent) grade in English courses.
  • All international applications must be received by May 15, 2021, as there is limited enrollment accepted per country per campus.
  • We recommend that students check with their embassy regarding local visa requirements. All payments are due in U.S. dollars and must be received by May 15, 2021. Please note there is an additional international student fee (for students traveling with a visa). The cost is:
    • $350 for students in the Innovators program (Residential option) – Fee includes required health insurance and linens.
    • $200 for students in the Innovators program (Day option)/Investigators program.
  • SIG provides visa invitation letters for international students which is typically used for a B1/B2 visa. Please note that SIG is unable to provide additional advice on acquiring a visa. Please contact your local consulate or embassy for specific visa requirements.

Campus Related

  • At the beginning of the program, the Residential Life Dean will ensure that the students’ passports and valuables are collected during registration, safely stored, and returned at the end of the session.

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