SIG at Bryn Mawr College: Campus Life

Housing and Meals

Students reside in a residential building on campus. Depending on the residential building configuration, the students may live with one or two roommates or have a single room, or they may live in a suite of up to three students, with a common bathroom. Residential configurations vary by campus. Counselors live in the halls with the students, supervising a group of 10-14 students of the same gender and age group.

Counselor Groups eat together during mealtimes in the dining hall and participate in group and evening activities daily.

A Housemaster supervises three to four Counselor Groups. All Housemasters report directly to the Residential Dean, who is responsible for the overall organization of the sessions residential programming.

Dining and Meals

Meals are served buffet-style in a college dining hall on campus.

Campus Services

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities vary by campus and may include gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and outdoor fields. During the three-week session, these facilities may be shared with other programs; however, they always are supervised by our staff during scheduled programs. Students cannot use athletic facilities during unsupervised periods.


We encourage students to use the laundry facilities located on campus. Machine washers and dryers are available at no or nominal costs. Counselors can assist students with doing their laundry.

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