Resources for Students: History & Geography

Student Resources: History and Geography

Info Please Countries of the World
Research any country in the world. Check out the Homework Center!
InfoPlease Atlas
Get maps and flags from regions and countries all over the world.
Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page
A gold mine of web sites and activities for teachers of ancient civilizations. Don’t pass up this one!
Mcgraine Grades 5 & 6 Ancient Civilizations
Projects and Resources shared by the International School of Amsterdam.
The Amazing Picture Machine
A search engine to find pictures you may need for a report. Just type in the picture you need and hopefully the database contains it!
National Geographic Map Machine
Maps from the source.
Newspapers on the Web
The largest newspaper index on the web. Great source for current events.
Eyewitness History
Eyewitness history takes a look at major events in history through the eyes of eyewitnesses, using personal letters and essays. Excellent site that offers interesting and real perspectives on the past.
State Homepages
Find homepages of every state.
The Renaissance and Reformation
An online exhibit with text and pictures by the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina.
Castles on the Web
This is great site for classes studying the Middle Ages. Great source of information, with links to other sites.
Link to the World
Mr. Dowling’s Electronic Passport: Browse the world in a virtual classroom with Mr. Dowling. Travel though time and space for visits to pre-colonial Africa, present day Europe or the Middle East. Download study guides, homework assignments and tests. Mr. Dowling is a great social studies teacher. Don't miss this one!
History Central
This is a good online source for gathering information on a variety of topics related to history. It contains lots of useful information that can be helpful in writing reports or doing projects.
Resources for Teaching Geography
This site contains a lot of educational resources for the K-12 geography student.
American Presidents
This site contains biographical information and highlights of each presidential term in the White House. In addition, there are teacher guides and an American President Portrait Exhibit with exhibit activities for students.
Explore Early America
Excellent resources and links for whatever aspect of early American history you are studying, emphasizing the use of primary documents.
HyperHistory Online
HyperHistory presents 3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines,and maps.
History of Costumes
This is a great site for students who are studying various periods of history. Illustrations have a Victorian perspective to their designs.
Desert USA
Here's another virtual trip. This one is a trip through the North American deserts and surrounding semiarid regions. There are images, stories, pictures, video clips and virtual reality tours. Information is also available about almost every desert-related topic, and there is a searchable database.
What's It Like Where You Live
Here’s a great site for studying the world's biomes, from desert to tundra to taiga and rainforest. This site is a virtual tour containing student quizzes, plant and leaf information and sketches, and maps to locations around the world.
Virtual Tour of the Rain Forest
This site takes you on a tour of an animated rain forest. Find animals, birds, and needed habitats of the forest.
Postcards from America Gallery
Here is a really neat site that contains postcards from all 50 states shared by photographer Ken Mahlenkamp. There are four or five postcards from every state with great facts written for more information. This is a fun site to visit and to learn about our 50 states.
Online History Activities
Here is an awesome list of social studies activities that goes on and on....There are teasure hunts, webquests, cybertrips and much more on every historical period, collected by Dr. Marty Levine, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge.


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