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Benefits of Asynchronous Virtual Learning for Gifted Students

Gifted, talented, and creative learners can gain many benefits from participating in a self-paced online course. Our courses:

  • Offer students easier access to instructional materials based on their personal schedules 
  • Provide an adjustable learning experience based on the readiness of the student. 
  • Cultivate intrinsic processing of curriculum and instructional experiences 
  • Allow for advanced academic opportunities beyond traditional academic pathways available in traditional educational settings 
  • Reduces any social pressure or isolation concerns with being different as gifted learners 

How do you know if asynchronous learning is right for your gifted learner?

If your student agrees with any of the following statements, asynchronous online learning is an opportunity to explore.  

  • Enjoys advancing through learning experiences based on personal goals. 
  • Thrives on independent study within areas of interest. 
  • Prefers minimal instructor support. 
  • Needs exposure to learning experiences beyond grade-level standards. 
  • Appreciates an academic connection with like-minded peers. 
  • Seeks learning pathways that position advancement with college/career goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

New to self-paced online learning? We've got answers to some of the most common questions about our program!


  • Jul 11 - Sep 16 $79910 WeeksThe courses will open to students on July 11. Students may opt to work at their own pace but should complete the course by September 16 with instructor guidance or by December 16th on their own. The last day to enroll is Aug 17.OnlineSee Available Courses

Program Details

Course enrollment is based on completed grades for selected program and not by age level. Please email for any additional questions regarding course enrollment.


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