• Stretch Your Mind at SIG

    Stretch Your Mind at SIG

  • Prestigious Campus Locations

    Prestigious Campus Locations

  • Innovative Academics

    Innovative Academics

  • Talented & Dedicated Teachers & Staff

    Talented & Dedicated Teachers & Staff

  • Variety of Program Options

    Variety of Program Options

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$ 300 off residential programs
$ 200 off full day commuter programs
$ 100 off half day commuter programs or online courses

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The Perfect Combination of Fun and Education

See our programs in action.

The Perfect Combination of Fun and Education

While most people come to SIG for the academics portion, most people keep coming back for the experience and opportunity to meet kids from all over the world, with different backgrounds but same positive and intellectual curiosity. There is no other program that comes even close to that. My daughter and I love the SIG program.

SIG Parent
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