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Activities for Gifted Students While Practicing Social Distancing

At the Summer Institute for the Gifted, we understand that many parents are faced with the challenge of combating boredom in children. Here are several activities for gifted students while your family practices social distancing.

40 social distancing activities for gifted students:

  1. Read a book that you have been curious about.
  2. Read a book that you think will not interest you and see if there is indeed something in it of interest to you.
  3. Write a book or booklet about something you know a lot about.
  4. Create a brochure, flyer, blog, article, or video about something you really enjoy and know a lot about. Share it.
  5. Write a story about your experiences with social distancing; illustrate it.
  6. Write a futuristic story about the long-term effects of social distancing.
  7. Find a pen pal among your relatives and start a correspondence.
  8. Create a personal logo that you can start to incorporate into social media, if that’s appropriate for your age and situation, or for a business you might want to start at some point.
  9. Start a family or neighborhood newsletter by writing articles about what’s happening in local areas of interest to your audience.
  10. Make up a board game.
  11. Make up a physical activity or sport you can enjoy inside or in your yard or neighborhood.
  12. Write a thank you note to someone you appreciate.
  13. Design a flag for your family that expresses what you’ve learned about each other while spending more time together.
  14. Create a comedy routine and entertain those you are spending time with.
  15. Write a song about your experience with social distancing. Share it.
  16. Plan a meal for your family that creatively uses ingredients you already have at home.
  17. Plan a future vacation or reunion when you can get together with new friends and family you won’t have seen for a while.
  18. Design a T-shirt for the times.
  19. Write to someone in public office regarding a strong opinion you have on an issue.
  20. Create a decoration for a door in your house that creates awareness about something you are feeling strongly about  now.
  21. Create a new project for one of your classes that is unique to you and propose it to your instructor.
  22. Write a poem about something important to you.
  23. Learn about your genetic family tree. Create a “family tree” of those people who are close to you but are not genetically related.
  24. Design a special backpack for your fresh air outings in days of social distancing.
  25. Draw the room you are sitting in to scale and figure out the area of the room.
  26. Draw people you know from memory.
  27. Draw a self-portrait.
  28. Plan an exercise program that is individualized for your current needs, situation, and goals.
  29. Set your goals for the next school year.
  30. Write a scene for your family to act out.
  31. If you know someone who is taking a class that you are not taking but are interested in, write questions related to that class and give them to that someone to answer for you.
  32. List the leadership qualities you would like to have and assess where you need to set goals to improve your leadership ability. Have your opinions about leadership changed during the current pandemic?
  33. Research viruses, vaccines, and public health policies. List the five most surprising things you learned.
  34. Write an editorial about a current event that you have strong opinions about.
  35. Design a new fashion item reflective of the pandemic and survey your friends about whether they like it or not.
  36. Create a new fad and see if you can get others to join in while at home.
  37. Create a new riddle and see if others can solve it.
  38. Create a crime mystery for others around you to solve.
  39. Try out various methods of meditation and determine whether there is one method that particularly works to release stress for you.
  40. Add your own ideas to this list!

Looking for more social distancing activities for gifted kids? Click below for even more ideas and tips!

Connectivity for Gifted Students During Social Distancing


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