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Considering Gifted Summer School? Here’s What to Expect from Our Residential Programs

Students with the opportunity to attend Summer Institute for the Gifted as residential program participants benefit from a multitude of additional services that will enhance their academic and social experiences during their stay. Residential students receive individualized attention all day in the classroom, and that same standard applies in the afternoon and evenings on campus with constant supervision from SIG staff.

Students will gain access to a number of activities that aren’t available to day students, which include Academic Evening Workshops, curated weekend student activities with like-minded peers, and personal development opportunities as they spend time away from home. Residential programs provide the level of challenge and support that students need to feel comfortable and confident in their growth and abilities. Discover what you can expect when you choose a residential program at SIG for your child.

Access to Academic Evening Workshops

At SIG, we are always looking for the best ideas to implement that will improve our summer programs for gifted children. New additions this year that we are excited to introduce are the Academic Evening Workshop, which all middle and high school residential students attend as part of their evening. These workshops are designed to prepare students for success in the 21st-century world through interdisciplinary skill development in areas such as service learning, informational literacy, life/career, and learning skills. 

Students can choose from four workshop options to suit their needs: Civics & Service: Make Your Mark!, The Art of Critical Reading in Communities, Examining Scholarly Articles: Debate and Discourse, and CliftonStrengths: Unlock Your Potential and Thrive! 

Our STEAM+ curriculum provides students with numerous subjects that cover all aspects of possible gifted attributes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math plus Humanities and Fitness). The combination of this academic curriculum and our evening workshops will help your child practice critical reflection and self-awareness as an essential component for 21st Century academic leadership and success.

SIG STEAM+ programs and academic workshops help students develop key skills.

Key Safety and Security Measures

Safety is a number one priority for the residential program at SIG. Having been in the business of designing successful gifted summer school programs for over 35 years, we understand that preparedness is paramount when it comes to the protection of our students. At each of our campuses, we work with university housing, campus safety, student health and wellness, and counseling centers to align our critical personal safety protocols and plans with the appropriate departments. 

Additionally, all staff members are 21+ years of age and are trained experts in SIG’s safety protocols. Background checks and extensive screening processes are in place to ensure the best quality of support for each and every student. Small details in our residential program are really what set us apart from traditional summer programs – we implement small student ratios, “home areas” on campus, safety protocols for on and off-campus, required identification, and personal attention. These are all in place to foster the support and guidance for student success over the course of their program.

SIG fosters student success by providing support and guidance.

Benefits of Residential Life For Personal Development

You can guarantee to see immense personal growth in your child when you choose to let them experience dorm life for a SIG program. Students gain responsibility when they attend our residential programs, increasing their sense of independence and confidence in themselves. You can expect your child to do their own laundry, balance their responsibilities with academics and extracurricular activities, and even participate in SIG Senior Privileges if they are between ages 15-17.

Students will thrive as they get to experience living with roommates, receive supervision from resident counselors, and navigate their schedules without their parents around. Facing challenges of being away from home in a safe and supportive environment will let your child embrace these new opportunities and develop a newfound sense of independence that will carry them through future obstacles to success.

Students at SIG have the opportunity to thrive and develop a newfound sense of independence.

Interested in learning more about our summer programs for gifted students?

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