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Considering Online Gifted Summer Programs? Here’s What SIG Can Offer Your Student

Students taking online courses have the opportunity to develop key skills at their own convenience, exploring their own potential while learning more about their subjects of interest. At Summer Institute for the Gifted, online students benefit from active and engaging learning experiences that can better prepare them for future success in the 21st century.

Through our online programs, elementary as well as middle and high school students (ages 7-17) can participate in hands-on courses that serve to challenge and engage young learners. These courses can be added to your student’s on-campus program or selected as a standalone option, giving you the choice and freedom to customize your student’s summer learning experience. Here are a few benefits your child can enjoy through SIG’s online courses.

Supplement Your Student’s On-Campus Program with Fun Online Courses

Online learning can be a great way for students to supplement their in-person education, allowing them to delve into topics of interest at their own pace and comfort. In doing so, students can gain new experiences that help them develop key skills for success in the 21st century—including independence, self-discipline, and communication. 

Through the flexible format of online learning, students have the opportunity to learn alongside like-minded individuals from around the world. These opportunities, including both academic and social experiences, enable students to improve their social skills regardless of their environment. With the guidance and support of qualified and expert instructors, students are able to engage in a fun learning journey that can further enrich their summer.

Supplement Your Student’s On-Campus Program with Fun Online Courses

Embrace the Flexibility and Convenience of Online Gifted Summer Programs

For many students, the summer can be a busy time filled with family activities and personal commitments. Our online gifted education programs are designed to give students more freedom, allowing them to shape their summer and curate their own learning experiences. In this way, students can broaden their skill set and dive into their passions from the comfort of their own learning environment.

Here, students can choose between numerous STEAM+ courses, covering interesting and thought-provoking subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Humanities. These two-week long STEAM+ courses can be a great way for students to make the most of their summer—giving them the chance to participate in engaging academic courses while fulfilling their busy summer plans.

Embrace the Flexibility and Convenience of Online Gifted Summer Programs

Build and Expand Your Student’s Skill Set with SIG’s Online STEAM+ Courses

Summer enrichment programs uniquely provide students with the opportunity to explore new and exciting subjects that go beyond what is typically covered in a traditional school curriculum. At SIG online, students can dive into advanced topics in STEAM+ subjects—all of which are designed to promote creative thinking and problem-solving.   

Your child can take fun courses from Magician’s Mathematics (for elementary) to Gameplay and Design in Unity C# (for middle and high school). Regardless of which course they choose, students work on developing a personal objective as well as innovative solutions that combine their personal interests with new knowledge gained from the course. In this way, students can feel inspired to take on a more proactive role as they shape their own learning journey this summer.

Build and Expand Your Student’s Skill Set with SIG’s Online STEAM+ Courses

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