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How a Global Perspective Within Gifted Education Summer Programs Can Promote Your Child's Growth

Joining a summer gifted education program is an exciting time for any student ready to take on some extra learning and socialization for the summer. Our programs offer challenging academics with various social, cultural, and recreational activities that nurture the social skills and natural talents of students.

Diversity of thought and culture is celebrated at Summer Institute for the Gifted, which is why we welcome all gifted, talented, and creative students from around the world. Students will get to interact and engage with each other in the classroom, thus developing their social skills and communication skills. In addition, our residential students will have time to participate in recreational activities in the afternoons and collaborative workshops in the evenings to further develop their connections and skills. Read on to learn more about how students of all backgrounds interacting and learning together within a gifted summer program can benefit their growth.

Students Improve Communication Skills While Taking Our Summer Enrichment Program

With the unwavering support system found at SIG, students will have the support they need to feel comfortable voicing their needs. Constant guidance from counselors and ample opportunity to integrate with their peers will ensure students learn to better communicate with others as they transition into the program.

Valuable skills of listening, understanding, and responding will be practiced and improved as they pave their way through their education alongside their peers. Our arts courses, such as film production, playwriting, and theater, are especially helpful for strengthening communication skills.

Gifted students at SIG collaborate and improve their skills.

Students Gain Broader Perspectives and Skill Sets That Build on Their Passions

Having access to peers from around the globe gives students enrolled in our talented summer programs the opportunity to discover different cultures, points of view, and perspectives. 

SIG is committed to providing gifted students with ways to discover new interests while exploring their passions, opening up a treasure trove of unique contributions from each student. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students combine various subjects to cultivate a stimulating learning experience based on the additions of their distinctive attributes. Course instructors and counselors guide these experiences to help students, domestic and international, adjust.

Our Diverse Community and Global Reach Offers a Deeper Cultural Understanding

Our elementary, middle and high school students will get to engage with each other in and out of the classroom at SIG. Our summer enrichment programs know the benefits of fun, engaging social activities. Students will be invited to participate in various recreational activities together after their studies end for the day. In addition, our residential middle and high school students will participate in evening academic workshops as well as evening recreational activities such as movie nights, game nights, crafts, and more.

It is one of our top priorities to provide these activities for our students, designed for personal and emotional growth. Many students form deeper relationships through participating in these activities, getting to know and understand each other and their cultural differences. Combining challenging coursework with social, cultural, and recreational time nurtures students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs while enhancing their natural talents and abilities.

Diverse group of young SIG students standing under a tree.

Students Finish Our Summer Programs with Increased Confidence

Personal growth is another priority of gifted education programs. Students will be encouraged to develop their independence as well as other valuable life skills with the support of instructors that are always close by for any needed support. Our STEAM+ program fosters independence by teaching students how to research, collect information, and make conclusions. 

Other skills that students will gain include time management, self-directed learning, and personalized goal-setting. Each child will thrive around students of similar age and ability, creating a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. This will help them focus on the curriculum and perfect their skills. Exposure to a community of like-minded students, taught by world-class instructors and teaching assistants, helps students excel in the program and beyond.

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