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How Our Gifted Education Programs Can Help Students Build Stronger Social Skills

Social skill development can have a profound impact on gifted students as they take on their education. Oftentimes social skills are overlooked, which is why our gifted education programs prioritize this growth in students to help them prepare for future studies amongst their peers. A lack of social skills could result in lower self-esteem, which can negatively affect a student’s ability to thrive in their academic and personal lives.

The environment in which students learn is often social itself, meaning that students with strong social skills may find learning easier and more immersive. Strong social skills ensure an effective education can be experienced and self-confidence can soar. Continue reading to discover how we encourage students to expand on their social skills as a part of our programs at the Summer Institute for the Gifted.

Supportive Instructors Cultivate Trust & Progress

In the classroom, a low ratio of students to world-class course instructors and teaching assistants helps students work toward personalized goals that are tailored to their own unique abilities. This valuable and more intimate academic connection to instructors allows students to build trust in their programs, feel comfortable sharing their ideas, and progress in social skills such as communication and social problem-solving. 

Other experiences in the classroom promote social growth, such as collaborative work groups, group and independent investigations, experiments, interactive explorations, research, performance tasks, and so much more. These give students the opportunity to develop personal passions, divergent/convergent thinking, and creative production in an overall supportive and social environment. 

Caring instructors in our gifted education programs help students build confidence.

Interacting with Like-Minded Peers in Gifted Education Programs

Aside from supportive instructors who help facilitate social interactions, students thrive in their own communications with their peers. Our gifted education programs connect like-minded students who have similar passions and a strong interest in exploring their academic strengths. This is especially true in our programs that are aimed at specific disciplines and allow students to explore academically. For example, the unique STEAM+ curriculum at SIG provides a stimulating learning experience that brings students together for collaborative progress toward shared goals. 

Students are immersed in a multicultural and international environment that promotes a sense of open-mindedness, empathy, and the respectful recognition of other students’ views and opinions. Day students can experience this setting in the classroom, and residential students are even more integrated into this accepting and inclusive environment during their boarding period. 

A focus on social interactions helps students practice their communication and interpersonal skills.

Broad Range of Student Activities Help Students Get Involved

Gifted students in SIG residential summer enrichment programs can develop valuable social skills, benefiting from fun and engaging social activities designed for personal and emotional growth. Academic programs are well-balanced, giving residential students time in the afternoon to participate in recreational activities such as sports, clubs, free time, arts and crafts, and more. These opportunities present students with the ability to interact with their peers in different ways, further enhancing their social development.

In addition, students also enjoy special activities in the evenings, and have full weekends off, including the option to join sightseeing trips and other carefully-planned social events. While academic progress is a priority, SIG understands that social integration is a key component of well-rounded student growth. Getting closer with their peers in and out of the classroom helps students gain confidence in their contributions to their friendships and academic collaborations.

Broad Range of Student Activities Help Students Get Involved

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