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How Our Summer Enrichment Programs Support Personal Growth

Personal growth is achieved through building students’ potential, enhancing their understanding of self, and facilitating the realization of their goals and aspirations. At Summer Institute for the Gifted, where we offer engaging STEAM+ programs for students in elementary, middle, and high school, students learn more about themselves, define their values, and discover their academic strengths. While maximizing their learning, students learn valuable life skills that remain integral to their academic and personal lives for many years. 

SIG offers students an environment filled with exploration, laughter, potential, creativity, innovation, and fun. Each day at SIG is unique, allowing students to discover more about their likes and dislikes as they explore their passions and interests in the classroom. This student-centered approach to learning helps them grow both academically and personally into the students, friends, and individuals that they aspire to be. Continue reading to learn more about how our programs support personal growth.

Fostering Independence in Our Gifted Education Programs

Independence is a major component of our summer enrichment programs. Although it can be difficult to teach independence, our experienced instructors help students hone this skill in a number of ways. Taking the time to understand each student and meeting them where they are, our expert instructors encourage students to practice their independence through problem-based learning and practical projects. Having the space to take the lead on a project, find the solution to a problem, and reach personalized goals that were created with the help of instructors, allows students to naturally step into this sense of independence. 

Students who choose overnight stays have even more opportunities to grow their independence while being away from home. By doing their own laundry, attending scheduled activities during the day, and getting to bed on time, students get to experience firsthand what college independence will be like. This further helps prepare students for their adventures ahead.

Our gifted summer programs help students form a stronger sense of independence

Building Valuable Life Skills While Learning

SIG programs promote personal growth with an emphasis on time management. While students receive the level of support they need through their courses and other activities, they are able to hold themselves accountable. This helps students understand the value that’s added to their own experiences. When students are given the space to work on their time management skills in this way, they are able to better understand what works best for them. Getting assignments done on time, contributing to group projects with high effort, and making the most of the time they spend in their courses with their instructors are all valuable skills that students will carry with them to their upcoming academic years.

SIG gifted education programs allow students to make strong connections between their various courses. The interdisciplinary nature of the SIG STEAM+ curriculum allows students to excel in their problem-solving skills by thinking creatively across multiple disciplines. As they progress through their program, they’ll be able to practice goal setting as they consider what they want to achieve during their summer. All of these skills allow students to thrive in a self-directed learning environment.

Students make strong connections while working with others

Developing Self-Confidence Through Teamwork

Our summer programs for gifted students prioritize self-confidence through an emphasis on teamwork. While students have plenty of opportunities to self-lead during their courses, they also have the chance to collaborate with their peers and discover where their collective ideas can take them. Working together to solve problems, create new ideas, and share their knowledge helps students understand the value that they bring to their class and the world around them. This realization helps them grow in their self-confidence and creates an environment that helps them thrive with this important life skill. Moving forward with this newfound self-confidence allows students to step outside of their comfort zones, pursue their passions, and be open to making mistakes and learning along the way.

Developing Self-Confidence Through Teamwork

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