Eligibility & Admissions Requirements

All Summer Institute for the Gifted programs require evidence of high academic ability/potential and/or achievement and/or creativity. Documentation must be submitted at the time of application in the form of test scores, acceptance letters or other applicable evidence of giftedness or potential for high-level performance. Please see below for eligibility requirements for each type of SIG program.

Residential Program

Students applying to the Residential/Commuter Programs must be ages 9-17 by August 31, 2018 (students must be ages 13-17 for Princeton University, Northeastern University, and Yale University, and ages 9-14 for Bryn Mawr College). At Yale, students must be 13 by the start of the program.

Day Program

Students applying to the Day Programs must be ages 5-12 by August 31, 2018 (students must be ages 5-8 for Emory University and University of Miami, and ages 6-8 for Bryn Mawr College.) At Bryn Mawr, students must be 6 by July 2, 2018.

Online Program

Students ages 7-12 who meet one of the following criteria are invited to apply to SIG Online (you must submit documentation with your application).

Type I Eligibility:

Academic/Achievement/ Intellectual Route

For U.S. and International SIG Program Students

Students who meet at least one of the following criteria are invited to apply to SIG:

  • Students who have scored at the 95th percentile or above in at least one of the major content areas or ability sections of a nationally-normed standardized test. For a list of recognized tests, please click here. State criterion referenced tests will be accepted only in cases where scaled score equivalents are provided and where the student scores correlate to a state percentile greater than or equal to 95. Test scores must be current within the past two years.
  • Students who have been identified as gifted and/or who have participated successfully within the past two years in a local or school gifted program.
  • Students who have scored in the gifted range on the PSAT, SAT, ACT or SSATB. For students taking the SAT, the code number for reporting scores to SIG is 0375.
  • Students who have been selected to participate in Academic Talent Searches based on nationally normed standardized achievement tests, or who have scored in the gifted range on Talent Search tests.
  • Students who have scored at least two standard deviations above the mean, or at the 95th percentile level or higher on any individual or group-administered, nationally-normed, standardized, intelligence assessment.
  • Only if none of the above forms of eligibility is available, two RECOMMENDATION FORMS can be submitted by educators who are familiar with the student's academic record, performance, and potential. For students ages 5-8, a parent may complete one of the two RECOMMENDATION FORMS. Educators may submit confidential forms electronically.
    1. Educator Recommendation Form
    2. Parent Recommendation Form (SIG Summer - Ages 5-8 only) (SIG Online - Ages 7-8 only)

    * Note : Teachers must complete SIG's version of the recommendation form.

  • International Students
    We welcome our international students (defined as any student whose attendance requires a visa) and value the richness of diversity in culture and orientation they bring to our programs. In fact, our second sessions at Yale and Berkeley (called SIG Global) are dedicated to an international approach to global learning and sharing of cultures. International students can now submit Type I or II eligibility as U.S. students and in addition need to demonstrate a high level of English language proficiency in speaking and writing to integrate successfully into the SIG academic program. A Skype interview also may be required.

Type II Eligibility :

Route for Demonstrating Eligibility in Creative Thinking Behaviors

SIG welcomes those students who demonstrate high levels of creative thinking and are seeking academic environments that employ and nurture those skills. To apply within the category of creative thinking, students may submit one of the following forms of eligibility:

  • An overall or subtest score at the 95th percentile or above on a nationally normed creative thinking test, such as the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT); Figural or Verbal forms.
  • Two Creative Thinking Recommendation Forms completed by educators who are familiar with the student's creative performance and potential in academic areas. The SIG Creative Thinking Recommendation Form is available online here. Educators may submit confidential forms electronically or via hard copy. Please note: SIG is not currently accepting portfolios or examples of work as evidence of eligibility. SIG is seeking students who think creatively, not necessarily demonstrating high ability in creative and performing arts, as SIG is primarily an academic program in non-arts fields of study.
    1. Creativity Recommendation Form
  • For more information about assistance with administering The Torrance Tests of Creativity Thinking in your local area, e-mail us at admissions@giftedstudy.org.

Please note:
Students must either demonstrate eligibility in academic/intelligence areas or in creative thinking abilities.
Routes of eligibility cannot be combined or mixed.
Please submit only one application and only for your first choice program.

The Importance of Gifted Education

As many school districts across the country face tight budgets and funding cuts, gifted education programs are suffering reduction or elimination. As this trend continues, increased numbers of gifted children are not receiving sufficient guidance to maximize their full potential through school programs. In addition to continuous advocacy, there is now an unprecedented need for dynamic and innovative approaches for supplementing the education of our world’s most gifted, talented, and creative students. The unique, targeted, and experienced curriculum of the SIG program provides your students with the ideal educational complement, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they require.

SIG Programs Provide...

Dynamic and innovative approaches for supplementing the education of our world’s most gifted and talented students, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they require.

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