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Housing and Meals

Students reside in a residential building on campus. Depending on the residential building configuration, the students may live with one or two roommates or have a single room, or they may live in a suite of up to three students, with a common bathroom. Residential configurations vary by campus. Counselors live in the halls with the students, supervising a group of 10-14 students of the same gender and age group.

Counselor Groups eat together during mealtimes in the dining hall and participate in group and evening activities daily.

A Housemaster supervises three to four Counselor Groups. All Housemasters report directly to the Residential Dean, who is responsible for the overall organization of the sessions residential programming.

Dining and Meals

Meals are served buffet-style in a college dining hall on campus.

Campus Services

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities vary by campus and may include gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and outdoor fields. During the three-week session, these facilities may be shared with other programs; however, they always are supervised by our staff during scheduled programs. Students cannot use athletic facilities during unsupervised periods.


We encourage students to use the laundry facilities located on campus. Machine washers and dryers are available at no or nominal costs. Counselors can assist students with doing their laundry.

Senior Privileges

(Ages 15-17 Only)

Students in the Senior Group will be granted Senior Privileges after the third day of the program. Why only after the third day? Your students safety is important to us, as is their need to differentiate themselves from the younger students and experience their independence!

During the first three days of the program, all students will follow the normal supervision rules with regards to being escorted by a staff member on campus at all times. This schedule will orient the students to the campus and get them acquainted with the daily schedule. If, after the third day, the senior group has acted in a responsible manner, the following privileges will be employed:

  • Senior students (ages 15-17 only) will be provided with a campus map containing SIG program boundaries (drawn on the map) and a list of approved activities.
  • Buddies will be assigned
  • Seniors will be allowed to wake up, get ready and get themselves to breakfast unaccompanied by staff (it is mandatory to attend breakfast).
  • Seniors will be able to walk to classes, lunch and dinner unaccompanied by staff.

During the first few days, Housemasters will hold meetings with the students to discuss the Senior Privileges guidelines and what additional types of senior-only activities they might be interested in. Here are some potential suggestions for Seniors-Only activities and privileges:

  • Take-out food nights
  • Snack bar, ice cream social or theme party during evening dorm time or recreation hour
  • Study period (seniors only) in the dorm
  • Theme parties the students plan
  • Social hour during recreation hour
  • Designated senior hang out spots and activities
  • Ability to go off campus (recreation hour and evening activity trips to town)*
  • Seniors-only movies

* Any off-campus or out-of-boundaries excursions will require the supervision of a staff member.
Senior privileges may vary by campus.

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