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  • The SIG Curriculum

    The SIG STEAM+ curriculum focuses on applying creative
    thinking across multiple disciplines. Through an innovative
    curriculum that spans all facets of STEAM, plus
    humanities and fitness, SIG challenges students to
    utilize knowledge of different disciplines to propose
    creative solutions. At SIG, we encourage students
    to explore their interests while introducing them to
    new and intriguing topics. Students gain strong research
    and creative problem-solving skills vital to college
    and professional careers.

  • Problem-Based

    Classes focus on discovering innovative
    solutions to real-world problems. Students
    learn collaboration through working
    together to find creative solutions. Problem-based
    learning helps students embrace
    self-directed learning.

  • Multidisciplinary

    Students draw upon knowledge in
    STEAM fields (Science, Technology,
    Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
    and the humanities to find productive
    solutions to authentic challenges. Gifted
    students often exhibit extraordinary
    conceptual thinking and thrive in
    an environment that allows them to
    combine reasoning with imagination
    without the restraints of sticking to a
    single academic discipline.

  • Flexible

    When faced with open-ended problems in SIG
    classes, students have the flexibility to explore
    their interests while gaining exposure to new
    topics. Due to our small classes, low
    teacher-student ratio, and teaching assistants,
    we are able to individualize the program for
    each and every student.

  • Programming
    for the
    Whole Person

    SIG combines challenging academics with
    social, cultural, and recreational opportunities
    to nurture students' social skills as well as their
    natural talents. SIG students gain life-long
    friendships through meeting like-minded peers
    who are accepting and encouraging.

  • Diverse Student Body

    SIG welcomes all gifted, talented and creative
    students and celebrates the enrichment
    provided by diversity of thought and culture.

  • Variety of Program Options

    On-Site Summer Programs

    All programs are 3 weeks in length. SIG offers
    program options including Residential, Day,
    and Day + Evenings and Saturdays.

    SIG Innovators Programs (Ages 9-17)
    SIG Investigators Programs (Ages 5-12)

    Online Learning Programs
    All online programs will focus on SIG’s STEAM+ curriculum through virtual instruction and engagement.

  • For assistance in selecting the best campus, program, or courses for your child, contact us today at (866) 303-4744 or sig.info@giftedstudy.org.

The Importance of Gifted Education

As many school districts across the country face tight budgets and funding cuts, gifted education programs are suffering reduction or elimination. As this trend continues, an increasing number of gifted children are not receiving sufficient guidance to maximize their full potential through school programs. In addition to continuous advocacy, there is now an unprecedented need for dynamic and innovative approaches for supplementing the education of our world’s most gifted, talented, and creative students. The unique, targeted, and experienced curriculum of the SIG program provides your students with the ideal educational complement, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they require.

SIG Programs Provide...

Dynamic and innovative approaches for supplementing the education of our world’s most gifted and talented students, ensuring that they receive the individual attention they require.

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